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As with any special event, the proper accessories can take a special event and make it spectacular. Very few events in life, have as special meaning as a wedding. Making sure that everything is perfect for that special day can be challenging. This is especially true with the centerpiece of a reception, the wedding cake. has the accessories to make the wedding cake even more memorable and even more special.
Our wedding cake accessories include stands, plates, and personal touches that can turn a beautiful wedding cake into a work of wonder and art. Wedding cake stands uplift the cake and places it into a higher viewing position, enhancing the look. A wedding cake stand helps to create the magical scene that will be remembered and enjoyed long after your wedding celebration.

In addition to the wedding cake stands, personalized touches can be added to make the cake sparkle and shine. Letters, numbers and symbols accentuate the cake and make it come alive. Ranging from simple to stunning, these personalized elements also help draw attention to the cake and the dedication that accompanies it.
With our wedding cake plates, everyone will recognize the emphasis on detail and elegance placed in such a memorable event. Every detail of a wedding can add to or take away from the special nature of the celebration. Therefore, it is essential to get it right. Wedding cake plates, and serving ware are often overlooked in the chaos of preparation but can help complete the details, making the special event perfect. is dedicated to helping make the event not only special but memorable. Our line of wedding cake stands and plates and wedding cake supplies are available to make the magic more complete. Its the little details that can make so much difference.

When It All Began – Leading Up To The Proposal

It all began July 9th, 2010 at the Blueclaws baseball field in Lakewood, New Jersey. I knew I was going to a church outing with my family, but I didn’t know that I would meet my future husband. Our church always had seats in the picnic area, which is down the third base line (great place to catch foul balls, by the way). On that summer night in 2010, the Blueclaws were playing the Delmarva Shorebirds (Baltimore Orioles affiliate). Sitting in the bullpen was number 35, Brian Parker, who kept catching my eye throughout the game. The Shorebirds actually won that night, but looking back now, I was the big winner. After the game, he dropped the corniest pick-up line before he headed for the showers: ‘So….what is there to do around here?”. Despite his lack of game (sorry honey, I love you), I still found him interesting and funny. He would prove to keep me laughing for years to come. We exchanged phone numbers and met up later that night to go out to a club in Seaside. It was at Hemingways that I actually got to know him better and we shared a couple drinks called ‘trash cans’ (sounds delicious, I know). It was an amazing night of dancing, talking, and dancing some more. Side Note: He was surprisingly a really good dancer! After that night I wasn’t really sure if I would ever see number 35 again.

Summer of 2010

Summer of 2010

The very next day, the Shorebirds had another game against the Blueclaws and I felt inclined to go and watch some baseball. Needless to say, I had ulterior motives showing up to this game! We continued to talk and exchange text messages, but I was pretty bummed when he had to leave on the bus to play his next series on the road. Day after day, we talked on the phone quite a bit, and his personality starting drawing me in. The Shorebirds came back to play the Blueclaws again that August during Brian’s birthday week. This is when he actually came over to my house and met my parents for the first time. He brought some of his baseball buddies with him, which my mom secretly loved. We celebrated his birthday with a cake and once again, he got on the bus to go away. At this point, we were both clearly interested in one another and some feelings had started to grow. In September 2010, I travelled to Maryland to visit him on two separate occasions. We went to the beach in Ocean City and a couple different bars while I was there. I had a blast. Part of me was actually falling for this guy, and the other part was convinced it was just a summer fling. During that off season, he went back to Oregon to live with his father and grandparents. We continued to talk constantly, and used Skype all the time. He made me happy, he made me laugh…he made me relax.

Ocean City, Maryland 2010

Ocean City, Maryland 2010

In January 2011, I took a flight out west to see Brian and meet his family. I wasn’t sure what to expect – I had never travelled further west than Pennsylvania! Looking back on it now, it was pretty audacious of me to fly out there alone to meet a man that I was falling in love with. Even my friend Melissa thought I was crazy and was worried about me going! While in Oregon and Idaho, I met his mother, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and dogs. His grandparents were so incredibly sweet and welcoming to me. The lifestyle out in the country is a little different than what I am used to, but I found it to be a relaxing week. At the end of the trip, I uttered those three words that one can never take back. Yup, I was the first one to say it. I could tell he was hesitant to echo my words, but he did and it was a big relief for me. I cried while saying my goodbyes at the airport and wondered when I would actually be able to see him again.


Oregon, 2011

Oregon, 2011


Some months went by, and during this time Brian was released from the Orioles organization and picked up by an independent baseball team in Chicago. He flew out to Chicago in April and played with the Rockford Riverhawks for a few months. I had planned a trip to drive out there and surprise him for his birthday in August, but he left the Riverhawks before this could happen. After playing in Chicago, he had the choice to either go back home to Oregon, or come to New Jersey and live with me. It was something we talked about, and we made the huge step in the summer of 2011 to move in together. We got a small place in Bayonne, NJ, close to where I work. Brian worked any side job he could to make ends meet. He mowed lawns for an entire summer all over the state, and even worked overnight concierge at the same time. Aside from his other traits, he proved to be a hard worker and willing to do anything to live comfortably. During the 2011-2012 season, Brian started playing with the Newark Bears, a local NJ independent baseball team in the CanAm League. He did well, and ended up playing with them for another two seasons after that. I went to as many games as I could, which was quite a few considering how close the stadium was to our apartment. I learned so much about baseball during this time, and grew fond of the game. It was great to see him play and fulfill his passion for the game. It was rewarding to get to see him play and cheer him on – and I met some interesting people along the way!

Newark Bears Baseball Stadium, 2011

Newark Bears Baseball Stadium, 2011


After a year of living in our first apartment, we moved to a bigger apartment in downtown Bayonne. This apartment allowed pets, so we planned to get a dog down the road. In November 2012, we were blessed with a beautiful blue nose pitbull that we named Sadie. We both started to excel in our jobs and became more confident and comfortable living together. We started talking about getting married and having kids, but I never realized how fast time was flying by.

Our pup, Sadie Bleu

Our pup, Sadie Bleu


Fast forward to July 11th, 2014 – a date that I will never forget. The Delmarva Shorebirds just happened to be playing the Lakewood Blueclaws at the same stadium we originally met in. Ironic, yes, but I wasn’t prepared for what everyone had planned. It was arranged that I would throw out the first pitch of the game, along with some older Italian men (it was Italian Heritage Night). It was pretty comical, and I was so focused on just making the pitch to home plate. Everyone from my church (about 100 people) were there, along with about 6,000 other baseball fans. I was the last one to throw out the first pitch, and I was so focused on throwing the ball that I didn’t realize who the catcher was. After I threw the ball, which was a perfect strike, I got the surprise of my life. I was facing the announcer on the field when he said ‘there’s somebody you might know.’ By the time I turned around, Brian was walking towards me from home plate and took his catcher’s mask off. How could I not know it was him the whole time? Easily, with all the catcher’s gear and the sun shining perfectly in my eyes. And of course I didn’t suspect that Brian would be behind home plate. He gave me a quick kiss and got down on one knee, in full baseball uniform. Don’t ask me what he said; I was so overwhelmed with emotion and in shock! He pulled the ring out of his back pocket and proposed to me right in the middle of the field – the same field we first made eye contact four years prior. Of course I said yes, even though I had no idea what he said or asked! My family and friends played a big role in this day too; there were so many cover-ups and plans leading up to the day of the proposal. My mom played the biggest role in helping Brian make this a reality – and I couldn’t thank her more for helping to make this one of the most magical days of my life. I couldn’t dream of anything like this happening to me, but I couldn’t be happier. Now, it’s time to start planning a wedding!


Watch The Proposal Here!


Follow me on my journey of engagement, up until the day of my wedding! First on the to do list is finding a venue and picking a date. Keep posted for future blogs about my search for the perfect wedding venue!  Much love <3


July 11th, 2014; BlueClaws Baseball

July 11th, 2014; BlueClaws Baseball

Bridal Party Roles & Duties

   Every member of a bridal party plays an important role in a wedding and the events leading up to a wedding. Of course, the stars of the show will always be the bride and the groom. But without a bridal party there would be no bachelor/bachelorette party and no support for the couple on the day of the wedding. Let’s discuss a few important roles the members of the bridal party assume:

Best Man

The idea of having a ‘best man’ at the wedding was to act as an armed guard in case the groom had to kidnap his bride away from disapproving parents. The best man would stand guard beside the groom through the exchange of the vows. Throughout the ceremony, the best man stands to the right of the groom and continues to watch for anyone attempting to stop the wedding or steal away the bride.

In modern times, the best man can have several duties including: planning a bachelor party, handling the rings, giving a toast/speech at the reception, entertaining guests at the wedding, etc.  The honor of Best Man is usually bestowed by the groom himself; he can be a close friend, brother, or other family member. The Best Man speech is much anticipated; it is often humorous with sentimental undertones. Check out a very funny best man speech below…

Funny Best Man Speech


Maid of Honor

The maid of honor is usually a good friend or family member of the bride who will be responsible for leading the bridal party. She usually plans the bachelorette party and bridal shower, and sometimes has the honor of wearing a different style dress from the rest of the bridesmaids. Traditionally, the maid of honor would help the bride weave a wreath of flowers that would protect the bride and groom from evil spirits. Also, the maid of honor aids the bride in getting dressed and prepared for the wedding, just as they do in modern day wedding traditions. She is often asked to sign the marriage license, along with the best man.

11 Steps to being the best maid of honor



Groomsmen also play a supportive role to the groom during the wedding-planning process. Historically, groomsmen served as additional protection to the bride and groom in case someone attempted to harm or kidnap the bride. Today, they are expected to attend all parties and engagements leading up to the wedding day. Groomsmen are also referred to as ushers, because they are responsible for escorting guests to their seats before the wedding ceremony. More importantly, the groomsmen help to plan the bachelor party the week before the wedding. They must make sure the groom has the time of his life before making the biggest commitment of his life!


The Hangover (2009) A classic tale of a bachelor party gone wrong!

The Hangover (2009) A classic tale of a bachelor party gone wrong!



Historically speaking, bridesmaids dressed nearly identical to the bride to disguise the bride from potential kidnappers. Today, bridesmaids make sure they look very different from the bride as not to steal her spotlight. They play a major emotional role for the bride during the days leading up to the wedding. Bridesmaids also usually help to plan and attend the engagement party, bridal shower, and bachelorette party if there is one.

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2014 Bridal Bouquets

Check out some of out latest designs in bridal bouquets! Some bouquets are fresh flowers, but we will make these arrangements with SILK flowers for you at a great price! Call us at 877-237-2972 or email us at for more information and to fill out our silk bouquet questionnaire! Every bride deserves to look and feel her best on her wedding day – contact us to let us know how we can make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life!



Fresh Spring Garden Bridal Bouquet

Top View of the Fresh Garden Bridal Bouquet. This bouquet is perfect for a spring wedding - It looks as though the bride gathered flowers in the meadow right before walking down the aisle! A very natural and organic look.


Fresh Garden Bridal Bouquet. Contact us for pricing for a Silk Flower Wedding Bouquet!

Newly Engaged? Here’s what you need to do first!


- Be sure to tell your closest family and friends first to avoid any hard feelings!

- Then feel free to head to the social media circuits to share your exciting news!

- Creating a web page or a social media page about your wedding and it’s events isn’t a bad idea either. This way, your friends and family can follow you every step of the way during the exciting process of wedding planning!

Set Your Budget!

- Stick to it!

- Will you get help from parents/family?

- Calculate an overall budget, then break it down into categories such as: Flowers, Venue, Dress, Gifts for Bridal Party, Wedding Rings

Find a Wedding Planner

- Some brides plan themselves, but if you’re not up to it, go ahead and hire a planner.

- Remember to factor a wedding planner into your budget if you choose to hire one! A wedding planner will typically cost you 10-20% of your total wedding budget.

Engagement Party/Dinner

- Some newly engaged couples have an engagement party, others choose not to.

- Include this in your budget, unless your parents are going to pick up the tab!

- It can be as simple as a small gathering at your house, or a sit-down dinner in a formal restaurant.

- Whichever you choose, remember that this gathering is going to set the tone for your upcoming wedding celebration!

Pick A Date

- The most popular day to get married is Saturday, so if you are a bride on a budget you may want to choose a different day.

- Weddings are usually cheaper on Friday or Sunday, and even cheaper during the weekdays!

- In general, winter is the cheapest season to wed.

Pick A Venue

- Keep in mind popular venues book far in advance during the peak season of late spring and summer!

- If you plan to have a theme, make sure your venue coordinates with your theme.

Guest List

- Start your guest list early, so you have plenty of time to remember everyone!

A List – family and close friends

B List – friends, coworkers, neighbors

C List – acquaintances, your boss (haha!), friends from high school

Find A Dress!

- Try to order your dress at least 4 months in advance; save yourself the stress and get it as soon as possible!

- The sooner you have the dress, the sooner you can make any necessary adjustments or tweaks to make sure it is just right!

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How to Get Help to Pay for Your Wedding?

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Indian Wedding Culture & Traditions

In Indian culture, there are many different wedding ceremonies and rituals that can last up to one week. Before an Indian bride marries, she gathers with her female friends and family to decorate their hands with elaborate ink designs. This ritual is commonly called a “Mendhi Party”, and the ink designs are called Mendhi. The ink used is henna, and typically lasts two to three weeks on the skin. The bride is adorned with the ink, surrounded by friends and family. The designs can take several hours to complete and one to two hours to dry. The below picture is an example of Mendhi.



While there are many different ceremonies that can be performed during an Indian wedding, there are a few that are very important. Kanyadaan is the ritual in which the father of the bride “gifts” her away to her new husband. Panigrahana is a ceremony that takes place in the presence of fire, where the bride and groom join hands symbolizing their union. Saptapadi is the most important ritual, and also commonly takes place in the presence of fire. This ritual is also known as the ‘seven step ritual’, where the bride and groom recite vows with each step taken. The vows can be in long or short form, and are usually in the language of the couple. The couple then walks around the fire, while a piece of their clothing is attached to one another. After the Saptapadi, the couple is considered officially married.



In many traditional Indian weddings, the bride and groom wear elaborate and beautiful costumes. The bridegroom wears a Dhoti, Lungi, or Mundu depending on the region of India. The clothing is made of cotton or raw silk and is embedded with special adornments. The same goes for the costuming of the bride; these exquisite outfits are hand-made with special care to signify the importance of the union. The bride wears a Saree or a Lehenga, again depending on the region of India. Similar to the Chinese culture, the color red is used often in the décor and clothing of the bride and groom, and is considered sacred. The below picture is an example of traditional Indian costuming for the bride and groom.


Chinese Wedding Culture & Traditions

Chinese wedding traditions date back to 402-221 BC. Good luck and fortune are imperative to a successful marriage. The proposal is elaborate and involves many family members and meetings. There is also an exchange of gifts between the parents of the bride and groom. The groom’s parents also visit an astrologer to ensure the stars align. If the parents approve of the marriage, the astrologer will also assist in choosing the lucky wedding date. In the Chinese tradition, they go to great lengths to ensure that there are no ill omens to doom the marriage.


In preparation for the wedding, the groom is responsible for installing the bridal bed. This bed is decorated with red or pink sheets; red is the color of good fortune in Chinese tradition. Children also come to sit on the bed in order to boost the fertility of the couple. There are many cultural traditions associated with the actual wedding day, as well. Many of the decorations, linen, and clothing are red and some are decorated with the double happiness symbol. A red banner is also hung in the front of both families’ homes to announce the wedding. The bride bathes in fruit-infused water, then is transported to the wedding hall on the back of a close female relative. Both bride and groom wear red shoes during the wedding ceremony. They wed in a private location, with only themselves and the officiant present.


Traditions continue with the exchange of gifts in the Chinese culture. Many gifts will be wrapped in red paper or envelopes, signifying good luck and fortune. Approximately one month before the wedding date, the family of the groom gives the bride’s family a basket of seafood, nuts, dried fruit, mushrooms and wine. They also give the bride fine clothing, as well as money in a box. Unlike other cultures, the groom’s family is responsible for paying for the wedding. The bride’s family traditionally brings coins and practical household items to the family of the groom. On the day of the wedding the bride and groom serve tea to their parents to show their appreciation for their love and generosity. The bride and groom also receive gifts of money and jewelry. Keeping with tradition and the idea of good fortune, all gifts of money must be given in even amounts.


The Double Happiness symbol represented at a traditional Chinese wedding


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