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Silk Flowers & Wedding Accessories for Your Wedding

Wedding Flower Packages

The convenience of a package deal with a variety of options. Beautiful, elegant flowers in colors to go with any theme or season. Options include boutonnières, bouquets, corsages, and centerpieces.

Beach Wedding

Beautiful, elegant, and tropical, the beach wedding package is the perfect look for the bride who is having a destination or outdoor wedding in summer. Different colors and flowers can be used depending on preference. Tropical lilies are pictured.

Fall Wedding

For elegant and rich colored flowers for the autumn season, look at the fall wedding package. Suggested fall colors include orange and dark blues and purples, but other colors and flowers can be selected. Captures the perfect look for a fall wedding when the leaves are changing colors and the last flowers are blooming.

Summer Wedding

Bring to life the beauty and fun of summer with the summer wedding package. Beautiful and fun silk wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and corsages available. Daisies are pictured, but different flowers and colors can be selected depending on your style and wedding colors.

Spring Wedding

For the picture-perfect spring wedding you need just the right flowers to add that special touch. We provide gorgeous and elegant silk flowers in a variety of colors suitable for your spring wedding. Select a pre-created wedding package or choose your own from the different options available, including bride bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, corsages, boutonnières, and more.

Winter Wedding

Our beautiful silk flowers are a wonderful way to bring some elegance and color to your winter wedding. Use a deep, rich red flower, a soft and elegant white, or any other color of your choosing for your wedding flowers. Lilies, roses, or any other type of flower that you desire will create an elegant and romantic atmosphere for a winter wedding.

Autumn Wedding

Elegant, classy silk flowers for a wedding held in autumn. Though the leaves might be falling outside, your wedding flowers will be gorgeous all the time. Choose from suggested colors and styles for autumn or go with your own choices that match your wedding colors and themes.

Wedding Garland

To create an atmosphere of elegance and beauty, add wedding garlands to your decorations at both your ceremony and your reception. Garlands come in a variety of sizes and styles, and can be elegantly draped almost anywhere that needs a touch of beauty or color.

Wedding Wreath

A large variety of wreaths and kissing balls to bring a reception hall or ceremony to life. Wedding wreaths are beautiful and timeless, and they symbolize a circle of unity between the happy couple. Hang them on the end of the pews in a church, on the aisles of chairs at your ceremony, or even at various locations at your reception, such as on chairs, tables, or walls. Many styles, sizes, colors, and flowers available, from a quaint, simple wedding wreath to large, gorgeous ones.

Real Touch Flowers Flower

If you’re into a do-it-yourself wedding or just need a few extra sprays to add to your wedding, explore our selection of flower sprays and stems. Add a touch of elegance to any bouquet or centerpiece with a few extra flowers or greenery. The perfect accent or addition to your wedding flowers.

Wedding Accessories

Whether it’s the cake topper, unity candle, toasting glasses, or other item, it’s the small things that really add to the elegance and beauty of a wedding ceremony or reception. Look here to continue traditions, get what is necessary for your wedding, or start your own wedding decoration traditions. Choose from a variety of items that will give your wedding a much needed splash of class and will have your guests commenting and complimenting you. There are styles and colors to suit every couple and every type of wedding.

Candle Rings and Stands

Candles create a beautifully romantic setting for your wedding, whether they are used as centerpieces, at various locations around the room, or on the buffet tables. Choose from silk flower wreaths to go around your candles, elegant stands and holders, or centerpiece stands. The combination of silk flowers and dimly lit candles will give you the atmosphere of romance and beauty that will create a memorable and gorgeous wedding.

Cake Stands

The cake is one of the most iconic and celebrated parts of a wedding, and every bride and groom wants to have a cake that is remembered not only for taste, but also for its appearance. To make a beautiful cake even more elegant and breathtaking, invest in one of our stunning cake stands. Choose from classic or contemporary designs. They can give your cake a needed lift to give the illusion of a greater height, or they can increase the beauty of your cake. If you are serving other desserts along with your cake, consider a cake stand to hold small cookies, pastries, or other small finger desserts.

Do It Yourself Bridal Bouquet with Real Touch Flowers

If you’re in the spirit of creating your own items for your wedding, consider using our do it yourself bridal bouquet set. Creating your own bouquet with real touch flowers that look “real”, but with this kit you will receive a beautiful bouquet holder with floral foam that makes designing your own wedding bouquet easy. With such elegance, beauty, and ease, no one will ever be able to tell that you created this bouquet yourself.