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Bridal Party Roles & Duties

   Every member of a bridal party plays an important role in a wedding and the events leading up to a wedding. Of course, the stars of the show will always be the bride and the groom. But without a bridal party there would be no bachelor/bachelorette party and no support for the couple on the day of the wedding. Let’s discuss a few important roles the members of the bridal party assume:

Best Man

The idea of having a ‘best man’ at the wedding was to act as an armed guard in case the groom had to kidnap his bride away from disapproving parents. The best man would stand guard beside the groom through the exchange of the vows. Throughout the ceremony, the best man stands to the right of the groom and continues to watch for anyone attempting to stop the wedding or steal away the bride.

In modern times, the best man can have several duties including: planning a bachelor party, handling the rings, giving a toast/speech at the reception, entertaining guests at the wedding, etc.  The honor of Best Man is usually bestowed by the groom himself; he can be a close friend, brother, or other family member. The Best Man speech is much anticipated; it is often humorous with sentimental undertones. Check out a very funny best man speech below…

Funny Best Man Speech


Maid of Honor

The maid of honor is usually a good friend or family member of the bride who will be responsible for leading the bridal party. She usually plans the bachelorette party and bridal shower, and sometimes has the honor of wearing a different style dress from the rest of the bridesmaids. Traditionally, the maid of honor would help the bride weave a wreath of flowers that would protect the bride and groom from evil spirits. Also, the maid of honor aids the bride in getting dressed and prepared for the wedding, just as they do in modern day wedding traditions. She is often asked to sign the marriage license, along with the best man.

11 Steps to being the best maid of honor



Groomsmen also play a supportive role to the groom during the wedding-planning process. Historically, groomsmen served as additional protection to the bride and groom in case someone attempted to harm or kidnap the bride. Today, they are expected to attend all parties and engagements leading up to the wedding day. Groomsmen are also referred to as ushers, because they are responsible for escorting guests to their seats before the wedding ceremony. More importantly, the groomsmen help to plan the bachelor party the week before the wedding. They must make sure the groom has the time of his life before making the biggest commitment of his life!


The Hangover (2009) A classic tale of a bachelor party gone wrong!

The Hangover (2009) A classic tale of a bachelor party gone wrong!



Historically speaking, bridesmaids dressed nearly identical to the bride to disguise the bride from potential kidnappers. Today, bridesmaids make sure they look very different from the bride as not to steal her spotlight. They play a major emotional role for the bride during the days leading up to the wedding. Bridesmaids also usually help to plan and attend the engagement party, bridal shower, and bachelorette party if there is one.

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Seating Arrangements at Your Reception

Things to consider when creating seating arrangements:

-          How many guests total?

-          How many seats per table?

-          Size/shape of the tables?

-          Will bride and groom sit with wedding party? If so, the table is called the ‘head table’. If the bride and groom choose to sit alone, it is called a ‘sweetheart table’.

-          Size/layout of the reception area

-          While it may sound elementary, draw a picture of the reception area that includes placement of the guest tables, bridal table, DJ booth, dance floor, bar, buffet spread, cake table, etc. See below example.



Next, it’s time to decide who is going to sit with who. Try not to drive yourself crazy thinking who should sit together – most of the time, once dinner is over your guests will get up and mingle and dance! Do try to mix friends and family; it’s okay if people don’t know each other – this is a social event! To help keep track of your seating arrangements, use the template below!


On the left, list all of your guests individually. On the right, place each guest at the table you would like them to sit.



Choosing Your Wedding Cake

   Size & Style: How many guests will be attending the reception? This will dictate how big your cake needs to be. Don’t forget, you may want to save a portion of the cake as a keepsake and have it on your 1 year anniversary! Many newlyweds will save the top tier of the cake (the smallest tier). You may not even want to have a traditional tiered cake. A good baker/cake designer will be able to make you just about anything, like the chapel cake below.


 Embellishments: Decorations and accents on your cake should coincide with the theme of your wedding. After choosing a baker, make sure you go over the details and bring any swatches or accessories that will help the baker to understand the atmosphere of your wedding. The more he/she knows, the better your cake will tie into your theme. A hot trend for 2013 is using bright colors for the frosting, as shown below. Edible flowers, rhinestones, pearls, ruffles, lace, bows and glitter will also help your cake stand out. Remember: you don’t want to make your cake too busy – sometimes, a simple and elegant cake is appropriate. Consider your budget for the cake when deciding on extra design elements.

Taste: Aside from the appearance of the cake, don’t forget about what’s on the inside! Have a tasting with the baker that you choose to make your cake. Try different cakes, frostings, and fillings to ensure a yummy combination! If you have trouble deciding on a cake flavor, you can always make each tier of the cake a different flavor! Once all the details are ironed out, make sure you go over the date/time/venue for your wedding day with the baker so he/she is in the loop.

Cake Toppers: Wedding cake toppers are another great way to accent your cake. Traditional cake toppers have a bride and groom on top, but don’t be afraid to step out of the box! The cake topper is your personal touch added to the cake, and will catch everyone’s eye. Some brides choose monogrammed letters as cake toppers, which seems to be a recent trend in wedding cakes. The most common letter brides use is the first letter of their new last name. For a more personalized topper, you can have something engraved with your names and the date of your special day, as shown below.

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Silk Flowers & Wedding Accessories for Your Wedding

Wedding Flower Packages

The convenience of a package deal with a variety of options. Beautiful, elegant flowers in colors to go with any theme or season. Options include boutonnières, bouquets, corsages, and centerpieces.

Beach Wedding

Beautiful, elegant, and tropical, the beach wedding package is the perfect look for the bride who is having a destination or outdoor wedding in summer. Different colors and flowers can be used depending on preference. Tropical lilies are pictured.

Fall Wedding

For elegant and rich colored flowers for the autumn season, look at the fall wedding package. Suggested fall colors include orange and dark blues and purples, but other colors and flowers can be selected. Captures the perfect look for a fall wedding when the leaves are changing colors and the last flowers are blooming.

Summer Wedding

Bring to life the beauty and fun of summer with the summer wedding package. Beautiful and fun silk wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and corsages available. Daisies are pictured, but different flowers and colors can be selected depending on your style and wedding colors.

Spring Wedding

For the picture-perfect spring wedding you need just the right flowers to add that special touch. We provide gorgeous and elegant silk flowers in a variety of colors suitable for your spring wedding. Select a pre-created wedding package or choose your own from the different options available, including bride bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, corsages, boutonnières, and more.

Winter Wedding

Our beautiful silk flowers are a wonderful way to bring some elegance and color to your winter wedding. Use a deep, rich red flower, a soft and elegant white, or any other color of your choosing for your wedding flowers. Lilies, roses, or any other type of flower that you desire will create an elegant and romantic atmosphere for a winter wedding.

Autumn Wedding

Elegant, classy silk flowers for a wedding held in autumn. Though the leaves might be falling outside, your wedding flowers will be gorgeous all the time. Choose from suggested colors and styles for autumn or go with your own choices that match your wedding colors and themes.

Wedding Garland

To create an atmosphere of elegance and beauty, add wedding garlands to your decorations at both your ceremony and your reception. Garlands come in a variety of sizes and styles, and can be elegantly draped almost anywhere that needs a touch of beauty or color.

Wedding Wreath

A large variety of wreaths and kissing balls to bring a reception hall or ceremony to life. Wedding wreaths are beautiful and timeless, and they symbolize a circle of unity between the happy couple. Hang them on the end of the pews in a church, on the aisles of chairs at your ceremony, or even at various locations at your reception, such as on chairs, tables, or walls. Many styles, sizes, colors, and flowers available, from a quaint, simple wedding wreath to large, gorgeous ones.

Real Touch Flowers Flower

If you’re into a do-it-yourself wedding or just need a few extra sprays to add to your wedding, explore our selection of flower sprays and stems. Add a touch of elegance to any bouquet or centerpiece with a few extra flowers or greenery. The perfect accent or addition to your wedding flowers.

Wedding Accessories

Whether it’s the cake topper, unity candle, toasting glasses, or other item, it’s the small things that really add to the elegance and beauty of a wedding ceremony or reception. Look here to continue traditions, get what is necessary for your wedding, or start your own wedding decoration traditions. Choose from a variety of items that will give your wedding a much needed splash of class and will have your guests commenting and complimenting you. There are styles and colors to suit every couple and every type of wedding.

Candle Rings and Stands

Candles create a beautifully romantic setting for your wedding, whether they are used as centerpieces, at various locations around the room, or on the buffet tables. Choose from silk flower wreaths to go around your candles, elegant stands and holders, or centerpiece stands. The combination of silk flowers and dimly lit candles will give you the atmosphere of romance and beauty that will create a memorable and gorgeous wedding.

Cake Stands

The cake is one of the most iconic and celebrated parts of a wedding, and every bride and groom wants to have a cake that is remembered not only for taste, but also for its appearance. To make a beautiful cake even more elegant and breathtaking, invest in one of our stunning cake stands. Choose from classic or contemporary designs. They can give your cake a needed lift to give the illusion of a greater height, or they can increase the beauty of your cake. If you are serving other desserts along with your cake, consider a cake stand to hold small cookies, pastries, or other small finger desserts.

Do It Yourself Bridal Bouquet with Real Touch Flowers

If you’re in the spirit of creating your own items for your wedding, consider using our do it yourself bridal bouquet set. Creating your own bouquet with real touch flowers that look “real”, but with this kit you will receive a beautiful bouquet holder with floral foam that makes designing your own wedding bouquet easy. With such elegance, beauty, and ease, no one will ever be able to tell that you created this bouquet yourself.

How To Be A Martha Steward Bride!

Calling All Brides or Recent Newly Weds: We highly suggest that you submit your wedding to Martha Steward Weddings. Here, you have a chance to showcase your wedding on TV or in her wonderful magazine featuring your wedding.

Here is how it goes:

If you are recently engaged, visit Martha’s Bride Guide blogs for a wealth of information.

To submit your wedding to the magazine, please email Martha Stewart weddings or email direct at ( with information about your wedding (your name, phone number, wedding location, wedding date, a brief paragraph about what makes your wedding special, and one photograph that you think represents your wedding best).  A representative from Martha Stewart will contact you if we are interested in getting more information from you.

We also suggest that you submit photos of your wedding to the martha steward wedding showcase community forum.


What’s New in Bridal Bouquets These Days – Bouquet Jewelry Is In!

Take a peak at what today’s brides are brewing up in their bridal bouquets. They are adorning their bouquets with bouquet jewelry!

No matter how stunning your wedding dress may be, however, your wedding day is not complete without the perfect wedding bouquet.
Discover the latest trends in bridal bouquets before you walk to the altar.

While many brides want their blooms to have a spare, elegant look, others are choosing to carry lush romantic arrangements down the aisle.
What’s more popular are the round clustered bouquets with the long cascading look.

The most popular bouquets are mono flowers (all in one) look and the romantic bouquet filled with an assortment of fluttery flowers with lost of petals.

The mono floral bouquets coordinate well with contemporary or architectural gowns, so they are composed of seek, structured flowers like mini calla lilies or cattleya orchids.

The new clustered round and cascading bouquet are using flowers with lots of pedals, think of peonies, ranunculus, French tulips, hydrangeas and the new Yves piaget rose.

The round bouquets are still the most popular for their clean shapes and focus  on the wedding dress.. To avoid the 80s look, brides are selecting bouquets that cascade slightly down the front with an “ upside down teardrop” shape. This movement adds detail and a touch of drama to the wedding day.

Flowers and more:
Today’s bouquets are just more than flowers! Some florists add texture like feathers, berries, striped leaves, Swarovski crystals and beaded pearls.

Tie It Up:
Unlike the natural bride who expose the flower stems, the modernize look is classic ribbon wrapped stems. Wedding florist layer fabric in different colors or textures. Wrap the stems with an heirloom handkerchief or a ribbon embroidered with your signature motif, or adorns the stem with beaded of pearl!

open white roses bridal bouquet with feathers

Do It Yourself Wedding Bouquets from an Online Florist-Design the One of Your Dreams

Silk flowers are a versatile alternative to fresh flowers for a wedding bouquet.  Fresh flowers will look beautiful during the wedding ceremony and will probably live for another two or three days at the most.  Silk flowers will also look beautiful during the wedding ceremony and will last forever and will never need to be watered.  The possibilities are endless in designing silk wedding bouquets.  They can be large or small or anywhere in between.  The flowers are available in every color imaginable.  There are many different enhancements to make your do it yourself wedding bouquets from an online wedding florist a one of a kind creation.

Feathers are a great way to add color and texture to a wedding bouquet.  Feathers come in all different shapes and sizes and you can add as many or as little as you like to make your arrangement unique and different.  Exotic feathers, such as peacock feathers, add a special flair to any arrangement.  If you are planning a beach, tropical or destination wedding, try adding some small seashells to your do it yourself wedding bouquets from an online florist.  The arrangements can be designed in advance to your specifications and shipped to your wedding location.

Everyone loves the smell of fresh cut flowers.  Your silk flower bouquet can smell just like fresh cut flowers or even better.  We have special floral perfume scents that can be added to your do it yourself wedding bouquets from your online florist.  You choose the floral scent and the strength of the scent and we take care of the rest.  Your bouquet will not only look like a fresh flower arrangement, it will smell like one too.  The scent will last long after your wedding and honeymoon are over.  Jewels can make any bouquet sparkle.  Small crystals can be glued onto your flowers to make them shimmer in the light.  There are many different types of jewels to choose from and you can pick the one that best expresses your unique personality.

As a special incentive to our valued customers we are introducing an Economic Stimulus Plan-Explore our quality wedding flowers for your wedding at inexpensive prices.  We stock a large assortment of silk flowers and bouquet enhancements to please every bride.  Our creative staff is ready to help you design the do it yourself wedding bouquets of your dreams.

Be sure to check out our bridal bouquet jewelry or bouquet accents or pearl beads to make your bouquet look beautiful.

do it yourself wedding bouquet

Silk Wedding Flower.Com Is Introducing an Economic Stimulus Plan-Explore Our Quality Wedding Flowers Online For Your Wedding At Inexpensive Prices

We are pleased to announce a new economic stimulus plan for your special wedding day.  Please take some time to explore our quality silk wedding flowers online at inexpensive prices.  Our experienced, creative and talented staff will consult with you to design beautiful and one of a kind, bridal bouquets, bridesmaids’ bouquets, toss away bouquets, groomsmen’s boutonnieres, wrist corsages and reception centerpieces.  These are not pre-packaged bouquets and arrangements.  We partner with you to create customized arrangements that are both one of a kind and beautiful.

Please take some time to explore the many gorgeous flowers that we offer in various sizes, colors, and textures.  We have everything from the traditional roses and peonies to the more trendy orchids and gerbera daises.  Each wedding bouquet and arrangement is customized designed with an artistic flair just for you.  Our bouquets can be made into small or large arrangements.  Single flowers, both long and short also make beautiful bouquets.  Our silk wedding flowers are a beautiful and inexpensive alternative to the traditional fresh flower arrangements.  We can design a bouquet to meet your specifications that matches your individual taste whether it classic and basic or grand and elegant.  We are here to partner with you to create the bouquet of your dreams.

Our design team at Silk Wedding Flower.Com is committed to creating beautiful silk wedding flower bouquets and arrangements for your special day.  Our warehouse is fully stocked with many varieties of silk flowers and accent pieces in all colors, shapes and sizes.  We also offer wedding packages to meet your individual needs based on the style of your wedding gown, your bridesmaid’s gowns, and the location and number of your wedding party and anticipated guests.  We can also create silk flower decorations for both your church and reception hall.  We can even create arrangements for outdoor settings and they won’t attract the bees!  And, everything is customized and created with you, and only you, in mind.

We are your online silk wedding flower experts and are here to serve you and help you to create the wedding of your dreams.  Our silk wedding flower bouquets, boutonnieres, wrist corsages and arrangements will beautify and enhance your wedding day.  We have wedding packages to meet every budget.  Please contact us at 1-877-237-2972 or to starting planning your wedding.

Wedding Florist-Making the Right Choice

There are endless numbers of wedding florists and choosing one can be overwhelming to a new bride as she is planning her wedding.  It is important that your florist understands the concepts of color and design and has a creative touch.  Take the time to do your homework before selecting a florist that will be responsible for designing the flowers for the most important event of your life.  The Internet is a great resource to research wedding florists.  When reviewing the websites of online florists, look for an actual physical business addresses on their websites.  Many brides have been disappointed when the florist they selected who was trying to start a business out of their home, suddenly disappeared before their wedding day.  Ask your florist for references from past customers.
Ask everyone you know about recommendations for a wedding florist.  Talk to your friends, family members and co-workers.  A great resource for learning more about wedding florists is to ask the other vendors that you are working with for your wedding.  Ask the photographer, the videographer, the cake designer, and the owner of your dress shop.  The best references come from the people you trust.  Review the online photo albums of each potential florist.  Figure out your flower budget before talking with a wedding florist.  It will be much easier for both you and your florist if you let them know how much you plan to spend on your wedding flowers.

We recommend talking to at least three different wedding florists before making your decision.  If you are meeting in person, take your fabric samples with you.  If you are working with an online florist, email the samples to them.  And, always have a picture of your dress to share with them.  It is also helpful to let them know how many people are in your wedding party and how many guests have been invited.  Ask a lot of questions.  It’s important that you are comfortable with you florist because you will be working very closely with them.

Try to shop as far in advance as possible.  Planning ahead with save you both time and money and give you peace of mind.  We recommend selecting your wedding florist between six months to a year before your wedding date.  We are your online flower experts and we are introducing an economic stimulus plan-explore our quality wedding flowers for your wedding at inexpensive prices.  For further details, please contact us at:

How To Get Help Paying for Your Wedding!

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5) Check out this Blog and discovers lots of ways to save monies on your wedding.

6) Most wedding florists such as Silk Wedding Flowers will giveaway corsages or boutonnieres with the purchase of a wedding flower package.

7) Win a Wedding Gown or win 5 bridesmaid dresses – Your Choice!

More to come!