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Bridal Hairstyles & Trends

As the year comes to a close, we look back at some of the most stylish and popular hairstyles for brides.  From braids, to birdcage veils, to organic hair wreaths, we have seen many bridal trends hitting the runway this past year.


This year has been full of organic flowers and nothing speaks to the testament of the beauty of nature better than a bridal hair wreath. Perfect for a spring garden wedding, bridal hair wreaths offer a natural beauty while also conveying elements of royalty. In the photo below, Audrey Mirabella Botti is glowing as she walks down the aisle adorned with a natural hair wreath.

Jeremy Roloff & Audrey Mirabella Botti, 2014 (Little People, Big World)

Jeremy Roloff & Audrey Mirabella Botti, 2014 (Little People, Big World)


Another trend we have seen the past couple of years is the braid. All types of braids have been used in wedding hairstyles, and Blake Lively below shows an example of a side braid. Other popular hair styles with braids are braid-wrapped buns and braid crowns. Many brides also choose to embellish the braids with jewels, flowers or feathers.


Blake Lively

Blake Lively


Soft curls and twists have always been in style for brides and this year was no exception! Simple, yet playful hairdos incorporating twists and curls look good on almost anyone. If you have long beautiful locks like Jessa Duggar, from the reality series 19 Kids and Counting, flaunt them!

Jill Duggar and Derrick Dillard (19 Kids and Counting)

Jill Duggar and Derrick Dillard (19 Kids and Counting)


Hair brooches and accents seem to be a very common choice among modern brides. Stacy Stas (below) flaunts a beautiful hair piece that gives that extra special glam. If you aren’t into something so big and flashy, try smaller wedding hair flowers or accent pieces to add a touch of sparkle.

Stacy Stas & Jackson Hurst

Stacy Stas & Jackson Hurst


It is most important to find a hairstyle and hair accessories that you will feel comfortable with and that complement you on your wedding day. It is advisable to wait until you have your dress picked out, so you can build your look around your dress. If your dress has very little sparkle, you may want to add a nice hair piece that will draw the eye upward. On the contrary, too much sparkle can be overwhelming and take away from what should be the center of attention – the bride!

Wedding Pew Decorations & Wedding Bows

Weddings are to be a special event, and as such each element or arrangement has special meaning. Along with the wreath and other accessories, the bow is a powerful symbol of the unity invoked by a wedding. The bow represents the joining of two individuals into the union of self. That is why it is important to make sure that bows are an essential part of the decorations.
Wedding bows come in a variety of colors and styles to fit any theme or setting. Wedding bows for church pews are a perfect example of adding depth to the celebration. Wedding pew bows are a visual reminder of the unity and togetherness of multiple families coming together in harmony to wish the new couple health and happiness.
In fact, wedding pew decorations accentuate the message of two individuals joining in matrimony. Decorating the pews illustrates the power and attention to detail in creating that perfect scene. A wedding is a celebration, a special moment in the lives of the participants and by decorating the pews, stair rails and other areas with the powerful symbol of the bow can make such an event even more special and memorable. Bows can even be placed in the brides gown or lining a walk, any place to help accentuate the positive nature of the event.

At, we have a large assortment of bows and wedding bows for church pews. We have bows in a variety of sizes and colors, designed to make any wedding event into a spectacular occasion – One that will be wonderful and memorable.

Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows

In weddings, the little things can add so much and can accentuate the positive celebration of individuals joining in marriage. Among those small details that occasionally get overlooked is the wedding ring bearer pillow. The ring is a symbol of the joining of two individuals as one, and as such needs to be represented by an appropriate place of honor and respect. That representation can be something as simple as a keepsake box or as dashing as a silver or gold pillow rest.
From the daring to the basic, the ring bearer pillow displays for all the emphasis placed on the symbol of completeness and togetherness. A white ring bearer pillow represents the purity and clean beginning the couple is about to embark on. Purple hues are for majestic royalty. There are a wide variety of wedding ring bearer pillows to select, making it easy to find the right pillow to complete the celebration. Perhaps a pillow that represents the daring and vibrant nature of the union or something classical or elegant to show the honor of the couple. No matter the preference, can help find the right selection to help make the day both memorable and even more special.
Weddings are a time for celebration and the celebration is completed by the attention to detail as represented by the right selection of the perfect wedding ceremonial accessories. We at Silk Flower Wedding can help make sure that the details are just perfect for that wedding everyone deserves. Weddings are magical and wondrous events, and we want to help make yours even more magical. Contact us today and let us help make your wedding perfect.

Silk Wreaths & Garlands

Along with the wedding ring, wedding wreaths help signify the circle of life and the joining of individuals in one bond. Two families coming together for a special and magical moment. Wedding wreaths are an important visual element for any wedding. At we offer a wide selection of silk wedding wreaths that can complement any setting.
Wedding wreaths are also more than a visual reminder of the circular bond among individuals and families. They also add visual depth to the scene or setting. Regardless of theme, silk wedding wreaths are a conscious element of celebration. Silk flower wedding wreaths offer the beauty and fullness of live flowers with the longevity of silk.
In addition to silk flower wedding wreaths, artificial wedding garlands enhance the look and feel of the decorations, helping create that memorable event. They also have the advantage of longevity and do not carry considerations for those who might have allergies or medical concerns as they would with live flowers.
   Floral arrangements for weddings are a vital part in creating that special event. Beyond the bride and cake, flowers are memorable and help make a statement about the celebration. We at Silk Flower Wedding want to help you make your wonderful day majestic and everything you ever dreamed of. Contact us for a free consultation and let us help make your special day perfect, with our silk floral arrangements for weddings. Our artificial garland and silk wedding wreaths can help accentuate and enhance a wonderful moment in people’s lives.

Offering the Largest Collection of Online Wedding Hair Accessories

Every woman getting married wants to have their hair done in a great way. After all, we all know the hair and face is the first thing people notice on a person. Therefore,  wearing wedding hair accessories for an awesome look to match your wedding dress is a  must. One such accessory that is very popular with brides is wedding hair flowers or silk wedding hair flowers to be precise. Wedding Hair flowers are capable of giving any bride a unique look. The first step is to find the right one. This includes the right color and size. Not only that good quality hair flowers will not fade quickly over time.

If the bride were to use fresh flowers, it can look great, provided it stays fresh. As soon as it starts wilting, it will look out of place. No self-respecting bride is going to put up with that. This is the single and perhaps the most important reason behind the importance of choosing silk wedding flowers. These types of flowers are built with excellent craftsmanship and can look as good if not better than the real thing! Because of this reason, more and more brides are choosing to go with silk wedding flowers.

The different styles of wedding flowers are truly amazing. Not only are they made with high quality silk, they will have precious stones such as diamonds and pearls embedded in them. These are made to be hair clips for ease of use. The most common flower designs will be based on roses, dahlias and orchids. The roses will usually be cream and white colored. The orchids on the other hand come in various colors such as red, pink and green. Whichever one is chosen, the one thing they all have in common is astounding realism. To top it all off, they are usually cheaper compared to real flowers.

Real flower wilt and you maybe lucky if they last one the day of your wedding as silk or real touch flowers will last for a long time to offer an enduring memory. With silk wedding flowers this not an issue. If taken care of well by storing in a cool dry place, they will last decades. It can be passed from one generation to the next. A big trend these days is to do destination weddings. This involves going to a completely different place to conduct the wedding. In this situation, ordering fresh flowers may not be an option. Last but not least unlike real flowers, silk wedding flowers will not cause allergies.

Silk Flowers & Wedding Accessories for Your Wedding

Wedding Flower Packages

The convenience of a package deal with a variety of options. Beautiful, elegant flowers in colors to go with any theme or season. Options include boutonnières, bouquets, corsages, and centerpieces.

Beach Wedding

Beautiful, elegant, and tropical, the beach wedding package is the perfect look for the bride who is having a destination or outdoor wedding in summer. Different colors and flowers can be used depending on preference. Tropical lilies are pictured.

Fall Wedding

For elegant and rich colored flowers for the autumn season, look at the fall wedding package. Suggested fall colors include orange and dark blues and purples, but other colors and flowers can be selected. Captures the perfect look for a fall wedding when the leaves are changing colors and the last flowers are blooming.

Summer Wedding

Bring to life the beauty and fun of summer with the summer wedding package. Beautiful and fun silk wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and corsages available. Daisies are pictured, but different flowers and colors can be selected depending on your style and wedding colors.

Spring Wedding

For the picture-perfect spring wedding you need just the right flowers to add that special touch. We provide gorgeous and elegant silk flowers in a variety of colors suitable for your spring wedding. Select a pre-created wedding package or choose your own from the different options available, including bride bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, corsages, boutonnières, and more.

Winter Wedding

Our beautiful silk flowers are a wonderful way to bring some elegance and color to your winter wedding. Use a deep, rich red flower, a soft and elegant white, or any other color of your choosing for your wedding flowers. Lilies, roses, or any other type of flower that you desire will create an elegant and romantic atmosphere for a winter wedding.

Autumn Wedding

Elegant, classy silk flowers for a wedding held in autumn. Though the leaves might be falling outside, your wedding flowers will be gorgeous all the time. Choose from suggested colors and styles for autumn or go with your own choices that match your wedding colors and themes.

Wedding Garland

To create an atmosphere of elegance and beauty, add wedding garlands to your decorations at both your ceremony and your reception. Garlands come in a variety of sizes and styles, and can be elegantly draped almost anywhere that needs a touch of beauty or color.

Wedding Wreath

A large variety of wreaths and kissing balls to bring a reception hall or ceremony to life. Wedding wreaths are beautiful and timeless, and they symbolize a circle of unity between the happy couple. Hang them on the end of the pews in a church, on the aisles of chairs at your ceremony, or even at various locations at your reception, such as on chairs, tables, or walls. Many styles, sizes, colors, and flowers available, from a quaint, simple wedding wreath to large, gorgeous ones.

Real Touch Flowers Flower

If you’re into a do-it-yourself wedding or just need a few extra sprays to add to your wedding, explore our selection of flower sprays and stems. Add a touch of elegance to any bouquet or centerpiece with a few extra flowers or greenery. The perfect accent or addition to your wedding flowers.

Wedding Accessories

Whether it’s the cake topper, unity candle, toasting glasses, or other item, it’s the small things that really add to the elegance and beauty of a wedding ceremony or reception. Look here to continue traditions, get what is necessary for your wedding, or start your own wedding decoration traditions. Choose from a variety of items that will give your wedding a much needed splash of class and will have your guests commenting and complimenting you. There are styles and colors to suit every couple and every type of wedding.

Candle Rings and Stands

Candles create a beautifully romantic setting for your wedding, whether they are used as centerpieces, at various locations around the room, or on the buffet tables. Choose from silk flower wreaths to go around your candles, elegant stands and holders, or centerpiece stands. The combination of silk flowers and dimly lit candles will give you the atmosphere of romance and beauty that will create a memorable and gorgeous wedding.

Cake Stands

The cake is one of the most iconic and celebrated parts of a wedding, and every bride and groom wants to have a cake that is remembered not only for taste, but also for its appearance. To make a beautiful cake even more elegant and breathtaking, invest in one of our stunning cake stands. Choose from classic or contemporary designs. They can give your cake a needed lift to give the illusion of a greater height, or they can increase the beauty of your cake. If you are serving other desserts along with your cake, consider a cake stand to hold small cookies, pastries, or other small finger desserts.

Do It Yourself Bridal Bouquet with Real Touch Flowers

If you’re in the spirit of creating your own items for your wedding, consider using our do it yourself bridal bouquet set. Creating your own bouquet with real touch flowers that look “real”, but with this kit you will receive a beautiful bouquet holder with floral foam that makes designing your own wedding bouquet easy. With such elegance, beauty, and ease, no one will ever be able to tell that you created this bouquet yourself.

Flower Girl Baskets from Silk Flower Wedding.COM

When planning your wedding, after the large details are done, you will want to pay attention to the smaller decisions. These decisions are equally important because they are usually the finishing touches that can add so much to a wedding. One decision you will need to make is what kind of flower girl basket you want.

There are a few things to consider when shopping for a flower girl basket. First, you will want to consider the age of the child who is your flower girl. It may sound strange, but if you have a really young child as a flower girl, you will most likely want to go with a flower wedding basket with high sides rather than a flatter design. A younger child may tend to spill flowers or flower pedals when not necessary in a flatter basket. The next thing you will want to consider is your wedding colors. Though flower girl baskets are traditionally decorated white, there can be accenting colors on the fabric or accenting ribbons in your wedding colors.

Lastly, you will want to look at designs of the flower girls baskets. As briefly mentioned, flower girl baskets can be different shapes and even different sizes. Also there are different types of fabric and different designs that the fabric makes. Some flower girl baskets are accented with lace and some with ribbon. When looking at designs of flower girl baskets, consider the style of the flower girl’s dress, the style of the wedding, and of course your taste and good judgment.

It may seem at first that there are too many designs of flower girl baskets form which to choose and you may feel that this is a larger undertaking than it should be. However, once you start looking at the different flower girl basket designs and take all the aforementioned thoughts into consideration, you will be able to narrow your selection down quite a bit. If you still can’t decide, ask a friend for their opinion.

The addition to the perfect choice for the flower girl basket will add a lot to your wedding and your special day, so have fun with your choice and on your wedding day.

Wedding Cake Stands, Wedding Cake Plates

Just as cake is an essential part of any kind of wedding the cake stand that the cake is presented on is just as important. There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of choices to make when deciding which wedding cake stand or wedding cake plate to choose. All of our wedding cake stands are displayed clearly and the details on the sizes, styles, colors, and designs of each wedding cake stand are present as well. Whether you are the bride, the groom or the wedding planner you will find it easy to choose the perfect wedding cake stand.

You will find cake stands, cake holders, cake platters, and multi-tier cake stands. There are many beautiful designs to choose from. The cake stands are designed to hold multiple layer cakes with ease. There is no fear of these cake stands collapsing under the weight of a heavy cake. Wedding cake stand sizes range from 7 ½” in diameter to 14” in diameter.

You will find cake stands with glass platters, cake stands with heart decorations, and even cake stands with hanging diamonds and charms. This type of cake stand is perfect if there are personal charms that the bride or groom wants to hang from the cake stand. You can also choose from cake stands with pedestals or scroll bottoms.

The pedestals and skirts on the cake stands are delicate, breathtaking, and intricately designed adding the perfect touch to any wedding cake. All of our wedding cake stands are the traditional round shape. There are gold, silver, and white cake stands to choose from.

Look through the silk wedding flower collection of wedding cake stands and choose your favorite cake stand. You will find that all of the wedding cake stands are affordable and reusable so you can pass a cake stand along to your children and grandchildren if you like. The wedding cake stands with the glass platters are some of our finest and luxurious wedding cake stands.

We know there is a lot involved in planning the perfect wedding and here at Silk Flower we try to make the task of choosing the perfect wedding cake stand a piece of cake.

Sentimental and Sweet: Ring Bearer’s Pillows for Every Style Wedding

What can be more romantic and sweet than to see a young lad carrying a gorgeous pillow, festooned with ribbons and bows, securing your precious wedding rings, as he walks down the aisle during your wedding ceremony?
Your ring bearer’s pillow will be a keepsake you will cherish forever, and one that is made with such fine detail and quality, you will want to hand it down through the coming generations for use again and again.

Whether you plan on having a very modern trendy wedding or a simply beautiful and traditional wedding, our ring bearer’s pillows are designed to meet your needs.

Made of the finest fabrics, laces and trims, our ring bearer’s pillows are just right for tiny hands. They come in several different sizes, from the smallest measuring about 6.5” square to the largest measuring about 9.5” square.

Fabrics used in the design of our ring bearer’s pillows include the finest silks, linens, crepe, satin, and cottons. You will find incredible detailing with such luxuries as crystals and beads; hand embroidery, and lace overlays. A few are offered in limited quantities. Your wedding will be unique with a ring bearer’s pillow that has been made especially for you when you select a design that requires custom ordering.

For something different for the modern bride and groom choosing a location wedding near the sea, we offer a fantastic shell design ring bearer’s pillow.
It measures about 8” x 6” and opens up like a clamshell! Your rings stay secure inside, tied to wee ribbon ring ties. How precious will it be to open the little shell and find your rings waiting inside?

A new twist on an old idea is our oval shaped Rosewood pillow box.
This gorgeous little box contains a pillow insert onto which your rings are secured with ribbon. This fabulous box is available personalized with your custom monogram on its lid. Luxury like this used to be standard, but today is so difficult to find. Choosing this keepsake box for your special day will be treasured by you and your family for generations to come.

Wedding Rose Petals

Every bride and groom want their wedding to be perfect. In order to do so, it’s important to pay attention to detail. It’s the finishing touches that really set the fantastic weddings apart from the rest. If you want an elegant wedding, nothing says elegance like rose petals.

Wedding rose pedals can have many different uses in a wedding. One of the most traditional uses for them is in the flower girl’s basket. She drops them on the floor to pave the way for the beautiful bride. If you’re going to use rode pedals for your wedding, it’s suggested that you use them for this purpose. However, they have additional uses that can help make a wedding spectacular.

If you’d like to get creative, there are other things you can do with rose pedals. Rose pedals can be used to decorate the wedding cake table or the bride and groom’s gift table. You can also use them to help decorate each guest table. They can even accompany the wedding favors nicely depending on what the favors are. If the favors sit inside a tiny bag or basket, a few rose pedals in each would be a great touch.

You now may be wondering if wedding rose pedals will fit into your wedding’s color scheme. They will indeed fit into any color scheme because wedding rose pedals come in a variety of colors. What color or colors you use will depend greatly upon the color scheme for your wedding and the mood you are trying to create.

If you’re trying to create elegance and purity, white or off white wedding rose pedals would be perfect. When you’re trying to convey boldness or want the rose pedals to stand out, red would be a great color to use. Though red and white rose pedals are most common, they aren’t’ the only colors used for weddings. You can get many different colors.

The last thing you should know about wedding rose pedals is that they don’t really cost very much. What your overall cost of them is greatly depends upon your use of them. If you’re using a lot, the cost can add up. However, if you’re using them sparingly, the cost is minimal. So, go ahead and plan that special day and don’t forget about the extra touches like wedding rose pedals.