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Choosing Flowers for your Summer Wedding

Choosing Flowers for your Summer Wedding

                When choosing the perfect flower arrangement for your summer wedding, keep these things in mind…

  • Summer Morning/Afternoon Bouquets:

Nothing compares to the warm sunshine on a perfect summer day. To capture these natural elements at your wedding, choose bright colors such as yellows and oranges. These colors tend to look great in photographs, so show off those blooms!



  • Summer Evening Bouquets:

The sun is setting in the distance on a warm summer evening, creating the most romantic backdrop for your special day. Your choice in flowers should reflect these elements; you can do so by tying in a darker color to contrast the lighter/brighter flowers in your bouquet. Don’t be afraid to mix in some purple or fuchsia into your wedding bouquet, especially for a late afternoon/evening ceremony.


This bouquet is the perfect example of a summer evening bouquet. The rich purple contrasts the white and green, creating a natural and romantic look for your late afternoon/evening wedding.


  • Warm Temperatures = Dying Flowers

When choosing flowers for your summer bouquet, remember that very warm temperatures will make your flowers wilt – and quickly. Choose durable flowers that will look beautiful and fresh from start to finish. Some examples of hearty summer flowers include: orchids, roses, tiger lilies and Hawaiian blooms.

There is also the option of using silk (artificial) flowers for your special day. Quality silk flowers are often confused for real flowers, and you don’t have to worry about them dying! Silk flowers are also more cost effective than fresh flowers, and can be preserved as a special memory.

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