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Real Touch Silk Flowers

Flowers, almost more than any other symbol, are a vital representation of the celebration contained within a matrimonial ceremony. Flowers illustrate clearly the embarkation of a new life that has begun by the union of two individuals. Flowers represent the harmony and elegance of nature found in the unity of the couple. Therefore, one of the most important elements to get right for any wedding, is the flowers and flower arrangements.
One way of getting that right representation for that special event is by accentuating the scene with fresh wedding flowers. Fresh flowers can invoke powerful scents that compliment the wedding and the setting. Of course, not everyone can use fresh flowers due to concerns for guests allergies or other considerations.

These considerations are one of the reasons why offers Real Touch Wedding Flowers and Real Touch Wedding Flower arrangementsReal Touch Flowers offers real feeling flower petals and stems that flow and feel like real flowers but offer none of the drawbacks that fresh flowers have.
   Natural flowers for weddings are great but come with a lot of disadvantages. Keeping them fresh during preparation, maintaining the look and disposing of the flowers after the wedding can be challenging. Real Touch Flowers have the advantage of being easy to decorate with, will maintain their look and are easy to remove and take down – all while looking brilliant and vibrant and real to the touch. At Silk Flower Wedding we have a large assortment of Real Touch Flowers. With the look and feel of fresh wedding flowers and without the worry, there is little need beyond personal preference for natural wedding flowers. Contact us today and let us help you find the right Real Touch Flowers for your perfect day.

How to Select Flower Colors for Your Wedding Bouquet for Tow Tone Color Combinations!

Color set the tone for the entire celebration. It’s the strand that pulls your wedding together, from the arrival of the save the date to the sweet hue of the signature drink during cocktail hour. It can be difficult to pick a palette. For those struggling with the choice, begin by asking yourself a few questions:

1)    Which hues am I always drawn to?
2)    Have I been to any weddings recently that inspired me?
3)    What colors will work (link to flower colors) or clash with our wedding venue or vision?

Think about the big picture:  Though you may of grown up loving yellow, it  might not be the ideal shade for an evening wedding on New Year Eve. Likewise, shimmering metallic silver might not set the right tone for an afternoon garden reception. So before you pick the lilac overlays or azure blue paper lanterns, think about the big picture.

Orange and Red

A vivid scheme is the way to go with this all star matchup. These complement shades that are the utilmate pair to make your party bright & bold, so you can showcase the whimsical flair at any time during the year.

Bridal Bouquet: Here you can find the flowers that match the season for planning your wedding bouquet.

Bridal Party: Pick a mandarin orange dress and add a scarlet sash. Revers it and have a ruby red dresses accented with a Clementine-orange bow. For bouquets, choose lilies, parrot tulips and orange red rannnculuses

Reception Ideas: This combination calls for eye popping centerpieces. Wrap square vases with poppy paper and top it off with grosgrain ribbon. Fill  The containers with a mix of flowers in both tones, or go all red on some tables and all orange on others.  For a winter idea, fill large glass computes with oranges accented with peppermint candies. To add fruity flair, server tangerine-flvored martinis with maraschino cherries on the side. Be sure to have Shirley Temple’s on the side.

For a beach wedding, send guests home with strawberries and tangerine flavored salt water taffy or with a packet of red and orange jelly beans.

Yellow and White
Set a golden scene in any month, be June or January. For a cold weather wedding, introduce a warm shade of gray.

Bridal Bouquet: Here you can find the flowers that match the season for planning your wedding bouquet.

Bridal Party: For a Summer fest, have the ladies in sundresses in soft yellow. You can wear a reversible sash that flips form white at the ceremony to yellow at the reception. Put the guys in seersucker with bow ties and bright prints. Incorporate blooms like sunflowers and cymbidium orchids. Bright yellow roses pop against white flowers too add a bit of class to your special day.

Reception Ideas: Focus on texture. Make your own napkin rings of eyelet or lace.  A casual party takes on some major personality with tables covered with gingham or checkered prints. Work citrus into our centerpieces by filling compotes and vases with zesty lemons. For dessert add a delicate touch to the tiers of your cake with sprinkling sugar on the daisies.  For a signature drink, brew straight from the bottle, lemonade!  Yes, place tubs and buckets of Lemonade around the reception areas.
Special Touch: Love Lemon Ice? Treat guests to your favorite frozen desert by serving take out cups filled with this crushed delight

beautiful white and yellow spring bridal bouquet

Red and Aqua

Afraid of classic crimon and navy will look to nautical. Get creative and deviate from  the traditional tones. Periwinkle would look nice, but why not opt for acquamarine instead. Paring it with scarlet hue for a mashing blend.
Bridal Bouquet: Here you can find the flowers that match the season for planning your wedding bouquet.

Bridal Party: Dress your maids in turquoise and choose vibrant red blooms! Put the groomsmen in navy blazers and khaki pants or have them sport Nantucket Reds. Embrace shades in both palettes with limited hues.  For your centerpieces, use burgundy calla lilies, red gerbera daisies, or deep red open roses. Finish off the boutonnieres with turquoise ribbon.

Special Touch:  Offer treats of gourment popcorn in red and white striped paper bags.

Black and White

Black and White colors are typically for formal weddings or an afternoon affair. It even lends itself to the playful hot pink, or rich marigold yellow color hues.

Bridal Bouquet: Here you can find the flowers that match the season for planning your wedding bouquet.

Bridal Party: Work some textures and designs into everyone’s attire.  Showcase your bridesmaids in polka dot heels or some patent leather pumps, and have the guys dress in plaid cummerbunds and ties. The flowers can be arranged as a monochromatic white bunch, try using white and ivory roses, hydrangea, freesias, tulips and lilies.

Reception Ideas: Balance the table with white porcelain place settings and black table linens. Pile miniature presents in the middle of the table and wrapped in gothic lace papers.  Offer your guests, with cocoa bars with marshmallows for a Winter venue, or for Summer, have ice cold mints, raspberries and whipped cream on your desert list.

Special Touch: Hang black and white photos of your parents from their wedding day.  Offer disposable camera with black and white prints and photo booth for fun.

Beautiful White Wedding Bouquet with Lillies

White Flowers for Your Wedding Bouquet by Season

Use this guide to plan your Wedding Bouquet

either with Fresh Flowers or Silk Flowers

Or, if you want free professional wedding help, you can contact us at 1-877-237-2972

White Flowers



Sweet Pea


Gerbera Daisy
Queen Anne’s Lace



Comos Jasmine

Star of Bethlehem

Beautiful White Wedding Bouquet with Hydrangeas in Silk, Very Classy Choice!

Beautiful White Wedding Bouquet with Hydrangeas in Silk, Very Classy Choice!

Yellow Flowers for Your Wedding Bouquet by Season

Use this guide to plan your Wedding Bouquet

either with Fresh Flowers or Silk Flowers

Or, if you want free professional wedding help, you can contact us at 1-877-237-2972.

Yellow Flowers






beautiful white and yellow spring bridal bouquet in silk, very classy

Types of Bridal Bouquets and Flower Adornments for Weddings

A tightly arranged nosegay consisting of concentric circles of various differently colored flowers. The blooms are wired into a holder, with one flower variety per ring.
A waterfall-like spill of blooms, often composed of ivy and long-stemmed flowers, that is wired to cascade gracefully over the bride’s hands.
Classic bouquet:
A dense bunch of blooms that can be anchored in a bouquet holder, wired, or hand-tied.
A handmade creation in which different petals or buds are wired together on a single stem to create the illusion of a giant flower.
Composed of one full flower and a flowering stem, often orchids, wired together to form a slender handle that can be held in one hand. Designed as either a full crescent — a half circle with a central flower and blossoms emanating from two sides — or a semi-crescent, which has only one trailing stem.
Small, round bouquets, approximately 16 to 18 inches in diameter, composed of densely packed round flowers, greenery, and occasionally herbs. Nosegays are wired or tied together.
Special foam used in flower arrangements. Oasis fits in a bouquet holder and retains water like a sponge, hydrating flowers for extended time periods.
A bloom-covered ball suspended from a ribbon. Ideal for child attendants.
Smaller than nosegays but similar in design, posies often include extras like ribbons or silk flowers. Perfect for little hands.
Also known as the pageant bouquet, this is a bunch of long-stemmed flowers cradled in the bride’s arms.
Taped and wired:
Arranging technique for bouquets, boutonnieres, headpieces, and wreaths. The head of a flower is cut from the stem and attached to a wire, which is then wrapped with floral tape. Taped and wired flowers are more easily maneuvered into shapes and styles.

This copy of the bridal bouquet is used solely for the bouquet toss ritual.
Tussy mussy:
From the Victorian era, a tussy mussy is a posy carried in a small, metallic, hand-held vase. Today, the term is often used in reference to the holder itself.

What Types of Flowers You Need for Your American Wedding

A single bloom or bud (or several small buds) attached to the left lapel of the jacket. Boutonnieres can be worn by grooms, attendants, ushers, and the bride’s and groom’s fathers.
A floral centerpiece created at the base, neck, or top of a multi-armed candelabra. Such a centerpiece is usually touched with flowing greens or ribbons, depending on the wedding’s style.
A single bloom (or small cluster of blooms) arranged against a lace or tulle doily and/or accented with ribbon. Corsages come in pin-on, wrist, and hand-held styles and are typically worn by mothers and grandmothers. Orchids and gardenias are popular choices.
The centerpiece at the head table (where bride and groom are seated), which drapes to the front of the table for visual effect.
Fish bowl:
Low centerpiece style that consists of flowers clustered in a glass bowl.
Centerpiece featuring abstract wildflowers. The composition is airy and less full than other designs. Lisianthus, hollyhock, rambling roses, digitalis, and smilax are well suited to this arrangement style.
Elaborately woven rope or strand arrangement, typically used to adorn pews and doorways. A garland can also be paraded down the aisle by two or three little ones.
A wedding canopy decorated with flowers that is an integral part of the traditional Jewish ceremony.
Japanese-style flower arrangements that are aesthetically in unison with space, size, earth, and air.
Flowers or foliage trimmed into geometric shapes, often resembling miniature trees or animals.
A woven wooden frame used as a screen or support for climbing plants and flowers.
A ring of flowers or other decorative materials that can function as centerpiece, headpiece, or door hanger.

Wedding Flowers-Beautiful Bouquets for Your Special Day

Silk wedding flowers can be arranged into beautiful bouquets for your special day.  There are many different types of flowers to choose from and they come in various shapes, sizes and colors.  If you are a traditionalist, we can recommend flower selections based on the time of year you are getting married that will match and compliment the flowers with the season.  Or, if you want to be totally creative, you can choose any type of flower you like, no matter what the season and mix and match to your heart’s content.  Your beautiful silk wedding flowers will last for a lifetime.
Red roses are a beautiful choice for a winter wedding.  The deep red color will compliment the cool winter day.  Another excellent choice is white roses.  The open variety will blend with the white snow outside. For a spring wedding, choose gorgeous pink wedding flowers.  Or, create a combination of pretty white, purple and orange flowers.  For a bold look, choose bright purple flowers with sunny yellow centers.  Bouquets are available in different sizes and prices.  Boutonnieres and wrist corsages are also available to match the bouquets.

Daises are a smart choice of wedding flowers for a summer wedding.  Daises remind people of the long and relaxing days of summer. They are so fresh and cheery they almost make one smile.  Large white daises with big bright yellow button centers make beautiful bouquets, boutonnieres and reception centerpieces.  Daises are also available in bright colors to compliment or accent your bridesmaids’ gowns.  For an autumn wedding, we recommend hydrangeas.  Hydrangeas come in shades of deep purple, pink, lemon yellow and white.  These shades usually work well with the bridesmaids’ gown colors in the fall.  The colors can be combined to create beautiful bouquets for the bridal party and centerpieces for the reception.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life.  We know that you have a lot of decisions to make before your big day.  We want to help make choosing your wedding flowers a pleasant and memorable experience.  Our staff will get to know you and your personality.  We will meet with you to learn more about your individual taste and style.  Then, we will work with you to design the wedding flowers of your dreams including your bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres, and reception arrangements all within your budget.  For more information and pricing, please contact us at: