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Choosing & Coordinating your Bridesmaids’ Bouquets:

Size of Bouquet

  • Typically, the bridesmaids carry a bouquet that is smaller than that of the bride’s. This ensures that the bride is not up-staged by her bridal party.
  • Larger bouquets coordinate best with longer, fuller dresses.
  • Smaller bouquets tend to look best with short dresses or dresses that are sleek.
  • For a more understated look, bridesmaids can carry a single flower rather than a bouquet. An elegant example of this is a long-stemmed white calla lilly, as shown below:

Color Themes

  • Beware of exactly matching the color of your flowers to the color of your bridesmaid’s dresses. You don’t want your flowers to get drowned out, especially for pictures. Instead, try different hues of the color theme.
  • Some of the latest bridal trends are leaning towards bright colors that ‘pop’. For example, try matching a yellow bouquet with an orange or crimson dress (shown below) for a late summer/fall wedding. Everyone will notice the contrasting colors and fall in love! For the amount of money most brides spend on flowers, you don’t want them to go unnoticed.
  • Remember to bring a swatch of the dress with you to the florist to best coordinate the colors you have chosen for your special day.

Coordinating the Bouquets

There are several ways to mix-and-match the flowers for your wedding party:

  • One of the most traditional ways is to have the bridesmaids carry a smaller version of the bride’s bouquet. This keeps everyone uniform, while keeping the spotlight on the bride’s flowers.
  • All of your bridesmaids can carry the same type of arrangement, which works well if your bridesmaid’s are wearing different style dresses. In this case, the flowers are creating a common theme among the ladies, no matter if they are wearing a strapless dress or a dress with cap sleeves.
  • Another creative option is for each of your bridesmaids to carry one of each type of flower from the bride’s bouquet. If the bride’ bouquet contains roses, carnations, and gerberas, each bridesmaid can carry a bouquet of one of these flower types. This allows each bridesmaid to be unique while still relating to the bride.
  • If each bridesmaid is carrying the same bouquet/flower, you can use different shades of your chosen color to create a gradient look among the bridal party.
  • If the bride prefers the same color for each bridesmaid’s bouquet, there is always the option of using different types of flowers for each bridesmaid. The flowers can all be dyed the same color – another way to keep uniform while giving each lady her choice of flower.