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Wedding Cake Supplies & Accessories

As with any special event, the proper accessories can take a special event and make it spectacular. Very few events in life, have as special meaning as a wedding. Making sure that everything is perfect for that special day can be challenging. This is especially true with the centerpiece of a reception, the wedding cake. has the accessories to make the wedding cake even more memorable and even more special.
Our wedding cake accessories include stands, plates, and personal touches that can turn a beautiful wedding cake into a work of wonder and art. Wedding cake stands uplift the cake and places it into a higher viewing position, enhancing the look. A wedding cake stand helps to create the magical scene that will be remembered and enjoyed long after your wedding celebration.

In addition to the wedding cake stands, personalized touches can be added to make the cake sparkle and shine. Letters, numbers and symbols accentuate the cake and make it come alive. Ranging from simple to stunning, these personalized elements also help draw attention to the cake and the dedication that accompanies it.
With our wedding cake plates, everyone will recognize the emphasis on detail and elegance placed in such a memorable event. Every detail of a wedding can add to or take away from the special nature of the celebration. Therefore, it is essential to get it right. Wedding cake plates, and serving ware are often overlooked in the chaos of preparation but can help complete the details, making the special event perfect. is dedicated to helping make the event not only special but memorable. Our line of wedding cake stands and plates and wedding cake supplies are available to make the magic more complete. Its the little details that can make so much difference.

Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Wedding with Bridal Hair Flowers

Bridal Hair Flower to your wedding attire on your wedding day will have everyone’s attention on your wedding day! We suggest that you explore our extensive inventory of wedding hair flowers or flowers with feathers for your hair called facinators.

Our models shown have their hair style in the utterly classic, the “French Twist” has been a major come back on the bridal run way. To get this sleek updo at home, brush hair into low pony tail and twist tightly. Flip it upside down so the pony tail is facing upward, tuck the ends of the hair into a twist on the aide and secure with bobby pins.

Look at our models, they are are gorgeous!

Bridal Hair Flowers

Bridal Hair Flowers

Bridal Feather Fascinator

Vintage Bridal Feather Hair Fascinator with Dangling Crystals

Personalized Wedding Ornaments: The perfect keepsake for their perfect day

For the perfect keepsake to remember your special day, look no further than these handcrafted newlywed ornaments or wedding ornaments. Although each ornament has our guaranteed level of quality, we’ve spared no expense to bring you as many options as possible to suit you and your loved one’s particular tastes and artistic styles.

Do you have your hearts set on a more traditional item that will suit any decor or occasion? Our personalized ornaments are the right match for you. Your names and the date of your special day can be placed on a variety of ornaments, from the classic globe-shaped to a more handcrafted glass or porcelain decoration. Are you looking for an ornament that shows you as husband and wife, right down to hair color? Our designs can get you down to the exact detail, whether you’re blondes, brunettes, redheads, or any mix of colors.

You’ve got a traditional ornament picked out and ready to go, but there’s no reason to stick only with names and dates. Our wedding ornaments can accustom any bride and groom, whether they want to remember their special day with a laugh, cherish a special moment that the two of them share, or even remember their wonderful honeymoon.

If you’re not the bride or groom and are thinking about purchasing an ornament, you’ve got the right idea. And there’s no such thing as too many ornaments. According to tradition, the Christmas tree or holiday decorations of a newlywed couple should have a collection of twelve personalized wedding ornaments. Why twelve ornaments? They are there to guarantee blessings and happiness for the couple for the next twelve months – and for the rest of their lifetime together. Usually, these ornaments include items like a fruit basket for charity and generosity, a pine cone for motherhood, a house for protection, a rabbit for faith, a bird for joy, a heart for unconditional love, a tea pot for hospitality, an angel for guidance, a fish for friends’ and family’s blessing, a Santa for goodwill toward all, and a flower basket for wishes come true.

Regardless of whether it’s a traditional couple or one just looking to remember the beginning of their happy lives together, nothing helps share that sentimentality more than a wedding ornament. Be sure to pick one (or twelve!) up today to make the most of a couple’s special day.

Personalized Wedding Cake Knives & Cake Server Sets

The perfect adornment for a wedding cake is the Cake Knife. If the cake knife does not match the festivities and the beauty of the cake then it affects the entire presentation.

Everybody loves the the celebration of weddings with the delights of a cake. And when they are circled around the tiered cake, the knife will be keenly watched as it slices through the cake and everyone gets a piece of the much awaited dessert.

Celebrate this special occasion with special utensils. Once the occasion is done, the mementos of the wedding day comprise of these priceless silver pieces. Save the memories and save the mementos. So make this your special occasion in every sense possible.

We have the best selection, the finest silver so make this a part of your wedding memory. Something that is of the most important use at the dessert table, after the cake and something that becomes a memento in time to come.

Bedazzle your cake with the finest flatware. This keepsake will undoubtedly invite compliments on the couple’s choice of details. The cake knifes and cake server sets comes in a beautiful silk lined box, so it remains protected and safe from the wear and tear of time. Make this a special set by ordering your personalized Cake Knife or Cake Server set today.

Several wedding photos are taken around the cake and the cake cutting ceremony. Make sure all the details of your special day are priceless, so that years later you and all your guests will remember not just a memorable occasion but all the memorable details of the occasion.

The bride in all her glory will be forever remembered for her beautiful smile and the accessories she holds in her hand as she cuts the cake. The wedding cake knife is one such accessory. So indulge yourself and your make your special day one of a kind by ordering our exquisite cake knife collection.

Beautiful silverware with exquisite design and easy to use handle, with a firm grip because of the silver engraving. Make this classic beauty yours to keep. For your own memories and to pass on as an heirloom to your children to bring them luck on their special days and their lives together with their spous

Personalized Wedding Cake Servers

Wedding day is a very special day in lives of a man and a woman. On that day happy memories are created for the rest of your life together. Those memories will stay with you as long as you live and it is nice to have some keepsakes to remind you about that perfect day in your life.

The top part of your wedding cake is usually kept for a year but there are other things from your wedding that you can keep for a much, much longer time. One of those things is personalized wedding cake server sets. Server sets (wedding knife and server itself) come in any imaginable form and design. You can choose from silver plated and silver sets, sets with porcelain handles and sets with enamel handles, Victorian sets and contemporary sets, differently colored sets and differently accessorized sets, and much more.

However, the most significant part of keeping memories of the day is to make sure that your wedding cake servers are personalized in a way that will remind about you being united on that day. You can choose to have you first names to be engraved on your set (which may be a good choice if you decide to keep you maiden name) or you can choose a three letters engraving (for example, Mary and Richard Smith will make MRS). The monogram will be further enhanced with the date of the wedding.

You will be given an opportunity to choose the font of your monogram as well for a touch of personalization! It is important that your chosen font will correspond with the theme of your wedding and wedding cake server set of your choice. If your wedding is of Victorian style and you have chosen the corresponding server set than you will be definitely better with a font reminiscing of an intricate hand writing of the era such as Vivaldi or Edwardian Script.

On the other hand, if your wedding style is more modern you may choose more contemporary font for your engraving such as Matisse ITC or other suitable font. Keep in mind that you will use your wedding cake server set for your wedding anniversaries for years to come. Those small details will always remind you how happy and beautiful you were on the day of your wedding.

Keepsakes and Personalized Wedding Ornaments

On your special day you want to remember every beautiful moment with personalized wedding ornaments you can enjoy your special day for ever. You can find the most beautiful personalized items you have ever seen at They offer flower arrangements, gift registries, personalized Christmas ornaments, unity candles, corsages, garlands, wreath kissing balls, cake toppers and seasonal wedding packages.

Flower arrangements and Unity Candles
Nothing says I love you or unity like a beautiful flower arrangement, made with the most beautiful flowers that embody the colors of your new life together. The flower baskets are made from beautiful peonies leafs and sprays orchids, gardenias and roses. The unity candles are personalized with your name and the date. The candles are made from fine wax and designed with creative artwork, rhinestones, pearls and beads.
Seasonal wedding packages are also offered; the flowers are chosen according to the season and prepared accordingly, with a little special flare for the particular season.

Personalized Ornaments
The best way to make your wedding moment last for ever is to have keepsakes like handkerchiefs and boutonnieres that have your wedding date and time on it. You will treasure it forever. For the ladies there are planters, pillows, and garters that you can have to past down to your daughter if you so wish. Lets not forget the cake toppers; there are wonderful custom made toppers that can be made to fit your personal likeness.
When your day finally comes it is wonderful when you can remember it with ornaments and it is also useful to have a registry to thank the people who gave you all of those wonderful gifts. Once you have the memories saved you can relax knowing that you saved the pictures, you recited your vows and everything is hopefully paid in full and you can know that you can look at your keepsake and know that you married the love of your life.

With Silk flower wedding you can have all of your flower worries taken acre of, along with your gifts, garters, candle rings, glasses, and baskets done all in one place. The only thing left to do is to get married in style. A personal hand made touch makes any wedding beautiful, it gives a special touch to any special event. To have that much artistry and love put into your flowers, bouquets, garters and wreathes is a blessing, so enjoy your day and know that you have been showered with greatness.

Personalized Wedding Ornaments – For Wedding Keepsakes

Looking for the perfect gift for a couple about to say I do? Perfect couple looking for a creative keepsake to commemorate your big day?

It is no secret that the world of wedding memorabilia is vast and overwhelming. offers a creative alternative to the everyday wedding gift in wedding themed ornaments, affordable and personal decorations that can be given separately, or as a compliment to another gift as a unique gift tag. Wedding ornaments such as a dove topped white wedding cake, an old fashioned baby blue car declaring ‘Just Married”, or a linked arm blushing bride and grinning groom, are a fun way to save a piece of the wedding glitz and glamour in miniature, a reminder of the big day that will last long after the final rose petal has been thrown. Each wedding ornament can be personalized with the bride and groom’s name as well as their wedding date, making the ornament an unforgettable gift and keepsake.

These personalized wedding ornaments come in a variety of shapes and styles to fit any couple’s personality, humor, or taste. Crisp white wedding bells tied together by a bouquet of red roses, bearing the caption ‘Our First Christmas’, provide an elegant take on a classic ornament, whereas two cheeky pandas bearing the name of the bride and groom while sitting in a candy cane colored floating heart, provides a humorous take that reminds couples not to take themselves too seriously.

Personalized wedding ornaments also make a wonderful gift for a seasoned couple celebrating an anniversary or commemorating the time they have spent together as man and wife. Wedding ornaments are budget friendly collectibles that add a personal touch to anniversaries or holidays, and act as a symbolic representation of the joining of two people in a lasting bond.

Ordering a personalized wedding ornament is as easy as visiting the Silkflowerwedding website, choosing your favorite ornament and entering in the bride and groom’s name and wedding date. All ornaments come with a ribbon, so they can transition immediately from wrapping paper to display.

Whether hung on a Christmas tree or displayed year round, offers adorable wedding ornaments that are the perfect keepsake for any couple, from honeymooners to lifelong mates.

Personalized Toasting Glasses: The Perfect Keepsake

There are so many traditions attached to a wedding. We’ve all heard about the wearing of something borrowed, something new and something blue. In addition there are cultural traditions that apply to specific ethnic groups and specific religious groups. One tradition that seems to cross all cultures is the wedding toast.

Wedding toasting is a time honored tradition, especially in the US and quite an important one. This is the moment when all of your family and friends have their eyes on the Bride and Groom. It is the blessing of these people as they wish the newly married couple a wonderful and prosperous future together.

These toasts may end up being humorous or serious, touching or maybe just light-hearted, but they are usually honest and heartfelt. Everything about a wedding is beautiful to the couple at that moment, but so much of it disappears as the couple makes their way into a car and off on their honeymoon. So, what would make a great lifelong piece of memorabilia?

Why of course, the toasting glasses. This is why it is so important to find a pair that you really love and then to make them even more special, add personalization. There are many styles available and they come in a variety of price ranges from the very affordable to the very exclusive crystal flutes. This is an item you could actually spend a little extra on since you are only buying two glasses, not an entire set. So if you want to splurge on higher end glasses, do it. They will be around for a long time for you to enjoy. You can have your initials or names etched onto any of these glasses, or maybe get creative and put a special phrase on that is special to you and your spouse. You can pick the style of font and the position of the etching. In other words, it can be a very personal thing and it doesn’t get any better than that.

For the rest of your life you can display these personalized toasting glasses in a prominent place to be viewed by you and your spouse for years to come. Not only will it bring back to your mind the words spoken on that day, but will also end up being an heirloom for your children and grandchildren. Nothing could be more beautiful.