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Bridal Hairstyles & Trends

As the year comes to a close, we look back at some of the most stylish and popular hairstyles for brides.  From braids, to birdcage veils, to organic hair wreaths, we have seen many bridal trends hitting the runway this past year.


This year has been full of organic flowers and nothing speaks to the testament of the beauty of nature better than a bridal hair wreath. Perfect for a spring garden wedding, bridal hair wreaths offer a natural beauty while also conveying elements of royalty. In the photo below, Audrey Mirabella Botti is glowing as she walks down the aisle adorned with a natural hair wreath.

Jeremy Roloff & Audrey Mirabella Botti, 2014 (Little People, Big World)

Jeremy Roloff & Audrey Mirabella Botti, 2014 (Little People, Big World)


Another trend we have seen the past couple of years is the braid. All types of braids have been used in wedding hairstyles, and Blake Lively below shows an example of a side braid. Other popular hair styles with braids are braid-wrapped buns and braid crowns. Many brides also choose to embellish the braids with jewels, flowers or feathers.


Blake Lively

Blake Lively


Soft curls and twists have always been in style for brides and this year was no exception! Simple, yet playful hairdos incorporating twists and curls look good on almost anyone. If you have long beautiful locks like Jessa Duggar, from the reality series 19 Kids and Counting, flaunt them!

Jill Duggar and Derrick Dillard (19 Kids and Counting)

Jill Duggar and Derrick Dillard (19 Kids and Counting)


Hair brooches and accents seem to be a very common choice among modern brides. Stacy Stas (below) flaunts a beautiful hair piece that gives that extra special glam. If you aren’t into something so big and flashy, try smaller wedding hair flowers or accent pieces to add a touch of sparkle.

Stacy Stas & Jackson Hurst

Stacy Stas & Jackson Hurst


It is most important to find a hairstyle and hair accessories that you will feel comfortable with and that complement you on your wedding day. It is advisable to wait until you have your dress picked out, so you can build your look around your dress. If your dress has very little sparkle, you may want to add a nice hair piece that will draw the eye upward. On the contrary, too much sparkle can be overwhelming and take away from what should be the center of attention – the bride!

History of the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

The ring bearer, also known as a page boy, is often seen today in traditional wedding ceremonies. The role of the ring bearer was first seen in Medieval times, when the page boys would help to carry the bride’s train. He would also be responsible for carrying a prayer book as well as the rings. Because of all of the responsibilities, the ring bearer was no younger than seven years old. Today, there is less and less responsibility put on the ring bearer. Most ring bearers carry a simple pillow with decorative rings tied down in the center with ribbon. Typically, the best man will carry the actual rings to protect them from mishap. The ring bearer pillow symbolizes good fortune for the couple and was considered a commodity in Medieval times. Honor this tradition with a beautiful ring bearer pillow from!

Nap Time for the Ring Bearer!

To accompany the ring bearer down the aisle, many traditional ceremonies include a flower girl. During ancient Roman times, the flower girl often carried bundles of wheat or garlic. The garlic was thought to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune to the couple. The flower girl should be the only other lady in white besides the bride. She proceeds into the ceremony before the bride, spreading petals along the isle as she walks. A flower girl is typically between the ages of five and ten, and is often a direct relative of the bride or groom. Little sisters, cousins, and nieces are common choices for the role of the flower girl. She paves the way for the bride tossing wedding flower petals from her stylish flower girl basket. Our silk flower petals add an elegant finish to any ceremony or reception space. Use the colors of the season to make your ceremony space feel like your waltzing through a botanical garden.

Start thinking about flower petals for your winter wedding!

Start thinking about flower petals for your winter wedding!

Eco-Friendly Flower Petals

Adding pageantry and beauty to an already auspicious event by adding the element of a flower petal path for the bride is an excellent way to make a statement of magnificence. The only way that could be enhanced is the use of eco-friendly, natural, flower petals.
Utilizing real flower petals for a wedding accentuates the bride as she moves down the aisle. With each step, the bride forces the natural scent of the flowers into the air, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Eco-friendly flower petals consists of peony, silk, lilac, hydrangea and various blends that are absolutely gorgeous to behold. There is no better way to decorate a walk or path than by using real flower petals for a wedding.

At Silkflowerwedding.comwedding flower petals come in deep colors and hues perfect for almost any setting. Our assortment of these colors and hues makes it easy to find the right match for the dress or scene and can fit in almost any theme. Our eco-friendly natural flower petals are away to have that beautifully, decorated path or walk and still consider the environment. A further celebration of life between two people bonded in matrimony.
When looking for that perfect touch or addition to the decorations of the walkway, take a look at our real flower petals for a wedding. We also have a free consultation to help choose the right petals for that perfect day. For your special day, celebrate your wedding and celebrate the environment by using eco-friendly, natural, flower petals from Silk Flower Wedding.

Real Touch Silk Flowers

Flowers, almost more than any other symbol, are a vital representation of the celebration contained within a matrimonial ceremony. Flowers illustrate clearly the embarkation of a new life that has begun by the union of two individuals. Flowers represent the harmony and elegance of nature found in the unity of the couple. Therefore, one of the most important elements to get right for any wedding, is the flowers and flower arrangements.
One way of getting that right representation for that special event is by accentuating the scene with fresh wedding flowers. Fresh flowers can invoke powerful scents that compliment the wedding and the setting. Of course, not everyone can use fresh flowers due to concerns for guests allergies or other considerations.

These considerations are one of the reasons why offers Real Touch Wedding Flowers and Real Touch Wedding Flower arrangementsReal Touch Flowers offers real feeling flower petals and stems that flow and feel like real flowers but offer none of the drawbacks that fresh flowers have.
   Natural flowers for weddings are great but come with a lot of disadvantages. Keeping them fresh during preparation, maintaining the look and disposing of the flowers after the wedding can be challenging. Real Touch Flowers have the advantage of being easy to decorate with, will maintain their look and are easy to remove and take down – all while looking brilliant and vibrant and real to the touch. At Silk Flower Wedding we have a large assortment of Real Touch Flowers. With the look and feel of fresh wedding flowers and without the worry, there is little need beyond personal preference for natural wedding flowers. Contact us today and let us help you find the right Real Touch Flowers for your perfect day.

Wedding Pew Decorations & Wedding Bows

Weddings are to be a special event, and as such each element or arrangement has special meaning. Along with the wreath and other accessories, the bow is a powerful symbol of the unity invoked by a wedding. The bow represents the joining of two individuals into the union of self. That is why it is important to make sure that bows are an essential part of the decorations.
Wedding bows come in a variety of colors and styles to fit any theme or setting. Wedding bows for church pews are a perfect example of adding depth to the celebration. Wedding pew bows are a visual reminder of the unity and togetherness of multiple families coming together in harmony to wish the new couple health and happiness.
In fact, wedding pew decorations accentuate the message of two individuals joining in matrimony. Decorating the pews illustrates the power and attention to detail in creating that perfect scene. A wedding is a celebration, a special moment in the lives of the participants and by decorating the pews, stair rails and other areas with the powerful symbol of the bow can make such an event even more special and memorable. Bows can even be placed in the brides gown or lining a walk, any place to help accentuate the positive nature of the event.

At, we have a large assortment of bows and wedding bows for church pews. We have bows in a variety of sizes and colors, designed to make any wedding event into a spectacular occasion – One that will be wonderful and memorable.

Wedding Ring Bearer Pillows

In weddings, the little things can add so much and can accentuate the positive celebration of individuals joining in marriage. Among those small details that occasionally get overlooked is the wedding ring bearer pillow. The ring is a symbol of the joining of two individuals as one, and as such needs to be represented by an appropriate place of honor and respect. That representation can be something as simple as a keepsake box or as dashing as a silver or gold pillow rest.
From the daring to the basic, the ring bearer pillow displays for all the emphasis placed on the symbol of completeness and togetherness. A white ring bearer pillow represents the purity and clean beginning the couple is about to embark on. Purple hues are for majestic royalty. There are a wide variety of wedding ring bearer pillows to select, making it easy to find the right pillow to complete the celebration. Perhaps a pillow that represents the daring and vibrant nature of the union or something classical or elegant to show the honor of the couple. No matter the preference, can help find the right selection to help make the day both memorable and even more special.
Weddings are a time for celebration and the celebration is completed by the attention to detail as represented by the right selection of the perfect wedding ceremonial accessories. We at Silk Flower Wedding can help make sure that the details are just perfect for that wedding everyone deserves. Weddings are magical and wondrous events, and we want to help make yours even more magical. Contact us today and let us help make your wedding perfect.

Silk Wreaths & Garlands

Along with the wedding ring, wedding wreaths help signify the circle of life and the joining of individuals in one bond. Two families coming together for a special and magical moment. Wedding wreaths are an important visual element for any wedding. At we offer a wide selection of silk wedding wreaths that can complement any setting.
Wedding wreaths are also more than a visual reminder of the circular bond among individuals and families. They also add visual depth to the scene or setting. Regardless of theme, silk wedding wreaths are a conscious element of celebration. Silk flower wedding wreaths offer the beauty and fullness of live flowers with the longevity of silk.
In addition to silk flower wedding wreaths, artificial wedding garlands enhance the look and feel of the decorations, helping create that memorable event. They also have the advantage of longevity and do not carry considerations for those who might have allergies or medical concerns as they would with live flowers.
   Floral arrangements for weddings are a vital part in creating that special event. Beyond the bride and cake, flowers are memorable and help make a statement about the celebration. We at Silk Flower Wedding want to help you make your wonderful day majestic and everything you ever dreamed of. Contact us for a free consultation and let us help make your special day perfect, with our silk floral arrangements for weddings. Our artificial garland and silk wedding wreaths can help accentuate and enhance a wonderful moment in people’s lives.

Autumn Wedding Floral Packages

Harvest time – the leaves changing color and the days growing shorter are a lovely time for a wedding. Harvest weddings and early winter weddings are a time of warmth and togetherness. With the addition of silk wedding packages from, a harvest wedding can be made even more magical. The changing colors from green to shades of brown, orange and yellow are complemented by our selection of autumn wedding flower packages in natural hues inspired by the changing of the seasons. Fall wedding flowers enhance the feel of a magical celebration and help make such a wonderful event even more memorable.
There is always something special about harvest weddings. The brisk air and beautiful contrasts that emerge during that time all compliment that spectacular moment when individuals are joined. Beyond the blushing bride and the wonderful cake, flowers are one of the most memorable aspects of an autumn wedding. Our silk wedding flower packages offer the natural beauty found in live flowers while maintaining the longevity that everyone desires.
From bouquets, boutonnieres, accents and centerpieces, our autumn wedding flower packages deliver a wonderful vibrance to enhance the look and feel of an auspicious event. At Silk Flower Wedding, we offer a free consultation to make sure that the bride to be is happy and satisfied with the look and feel of our flowers. We are more than happy to help make a wonderful day that much more special and memorable. Contact us at so we can get started helping make your wedding perfect.


Harvest & Winter Wedding Floral Packages

Harvest and winter weddings can be a great way to celebrate life and the togetherness of two people. The cycle of life and the grandeur of fall combine to help make a harvest or winter wedding a splendor to behold. With that in mind, harvest and winter wedding flowers with hues of red and cream can make a wedding stand out and make a special day even more special. At Silk Flower Wedding, we can help make a winter wedding come alive.
Our selection of winter wedding packages online and wedding flower bouquets, in addition to our silk wedding flowers can turn a wedding into something magical. Beyond the cake, one of the most remembered features of any wedding is the flowers. Silk flowers are no different – Beautiful and having longevity beyond natural flowers, silk flowers maintain their beauty year after year.

   Silk wedding flowers for the fall and winter offer a colorful contrast to the weather outdoors. Our winter wedding packages online have the classical look that enhances the greys and dark hues of the early evening. Reds, yellows, creams, all hues that accentuate the feeling of warmth and togetherness that the winter brings. Perfect for a wedding, the bonding of individuals. To help make a winter wedding and the flowers perfect, offers a free consultation. Making sure that the special event is memorable and magical is the goal of Silk Flower Wedding. Our flowers add to the pageantry and the majestic nature of a winter wedding and we are proud to help make it even more magical with the addition of our silk wedding flowers. Contact us today, and let us help you make the magic that will be remembered forever.

Spring Wedding Floral Packages

Spring weddings and spring brides, there are very little else as magical. Spring represents renewed vigor and the reawakening of life and nature. Perhaps the best reason for embarking on a new life journey with that special someone. As with all magical moments in life, events such as a spring wedding require preparation and attention to detail. One detail that is always high on the list, is the flowers.
Spring is a wonderful time for flowers. Flowers help set the scene and add to the splendor and spectacle. That is why flowers from are perfect for that special day. We offer free consultations for helping the blushing bride choose the right flowers to make her day as special as possible. Our spring silk flower wedding packages contain all the beauty of real with the longevity of silk. Both speak to the wonderful nature of the wedding bond, lovely and strong.


Silk Flower Wedding offers silk wedding flower packages for making that special day even more special. Our wedding bouquet flowers are great for handling all the pageantry and magic surrounding the event. We can help the bride choose the right look and feel for any themed wedding. When she throws the bouquet, she will do so with confidence that the flowers are beautiful and ready to be grabbed. Of course are expertise is not limited to just the bouquet. From centerpieces to wraps and arches, our wedding floral packages are designed to accentuate the wonder and majesty of the wedding. Our spring season flowers are great for showing the nature of spring, while having the longevity of silk.

Besides the cake, flowers are among the most memorable scenic elements of any wedding. Making sure to get the right flowers can be challenging. That is why we are more than willing to work with the bride to get the flower perfect for her special day. In addition, taking down the flowers and determining what to do with them can all be difficult. We, at Silk Flower Wedding have the answers to that and many more. Contact us today for a free consultation.