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What’s New in Bridal Bouquets These Days!

No matter how stunning your wedding dress may be, however, your wedding day is not complete without the perfect wedding bouquet.
Discover the latest trends in bridal bouquets before you walk to the altar.

While many brides want their blooms to have a spare, elegant look, others are choosing to carry lush romantic arrangements down the aisle.
What’s more popular are the round clustered bouquets with the long cascading look.

The most popular bouquets are mono flowers (all in one) look and the romantic bouquet filled with an assortment of fluttery flowers with lost of petals.

The mono floral bouquets coordinate well with contemporary or architectural gowns, so they are composed of seek, structured flowers like mini calla lilies or cattleya orchids.

The new clustered round and cascading bouquet are using flowers with lots of pedals, think of peonies, ranunculus, French tulips, hydrangeas and the new Yves piaget rose.


The round bouquets are still the most popular for their clean shapes and focus on the wedding dress.. To avoid the 80s look, brides are selecting bouquets that cascade slightly down the front with an “ upside down teardrop” shape. This movement adds detail and a touch of drama to the wedding day.

Flowers and more:

Today’s bouquets are just more than flowers! Some florists add texture like feathers, berries, striped leaves, Swarovski crystals and beaded pearls.

Tie It Up:

Unlike the natural bride who expose the flower stems, the modernize look is classic ribbon wrapped stems. Wedding florist layer fabric in different colors or textures. Wrap the stems with bouquet jewelry or an heirloom handkerchief or a ribbon embroidered with your signature motif, or adorns the stem with beaded of pearl

Have a nice day!