Silk Bouquets for Your Wedding Day


Ones marriage is definitely one of the biggest days of ones life. There are memories of a wedding that lasts forever. It is important to make the day special so that whenever you would reminisce about it you and your partner will be filled with pleasant wedding memories. There are so many things that go into making a wedding a success. Couples and their parents make a great deal of planning in advance to make sure that everything is just perfect. There are so many things to be done for the wedding and so many people to talk with to get the things done. Arrangements for accommodation, silk bouquets, food, dresses, gifts and so many other things together make a wedding truly memorable. But often people neglect an important aspect of wedding- the floral decorations.

Wedding flowers are included in every ritual of marriage. There are two main reasons for this. First, they are beautiful and fresh to look at and they add the charm to any marriage ceremony. Second, it is symbolically celebrating nature and expecting the marriage to as pure and perfect as nature. Give time to learn about the various flower options that are available for the wedding. Flowers are used to decorate the church, the reception hall, the dining space and the vehicle that is to carry the married couple. Then there are the bunchy of flowers that the bridesmaid and the bride carry. The marriage bouquet too is important symbolically. With so much demand for flowers on the marriage day it is vital to get the flower decorations in order before the event.

Most people fail to see beyond roses. Though roses are undoubtedly the most beautiful flower in the world, you should not be restricted to them only for your wedding decorations. A classic lily bouquet too looks wonderful in the hand of the bride. The best part is that you do not have to follow traditions in your wedding decorations. You can go for your favorite flowers even if they are not the most appreciated ones. You can have seasonal blooms and local varieties to add that bit more to the floral decoration son your marriage. Most people cannot imagine marriage photos without flowers. Most guests will talk about your floral theme and decorations. So prepare well in advance. It is always better to give the responsibility to people who are wedding experts. Explore this wedding florist and ask for professional help from the best florist available online.

They can help you choose from a variety of flowers and decoration options that suits your style and finances. You can go for a Boutonniere, which is a single bloom or bud or a bunch of buds attached to the left lapel of the jacket. They are worn by the groom, friends, attendants, ushers and the groom’s male relatives like his father and brother. A Corsage is a similar structure but arranged with a lace and decorated by ribbons. They are available in hand held patterns and the mothers and the elderly women in the family wear them. Orchids and gardenias are the popular flowers for a Corsage. You can also try other styles like Dais, Candelabra, Garland, Ikebana, Topiary etc.

By Jenny Cook