How toSave Money by Using Silk Flowers Over Fresh Flowers for a Wedding


Wedding flowers are one of the primary focal points in the wedding and reception area. The budget for a wedding florist can often be one of the greatest allotments in a couple's wedding budget. Fresh floral arrangements and bouquets are beautiful, expensive, and very delicate. A great alternative to fresh flowers is choosing beautiful yet affordable, silk flowers for all your wedding arrangements. The ultimate decision is the bride and groom's but consideration should be given to the inclusion of silk wedding flowers for this very special day.

A silk wedding bouquet can duplicate to perfection the allure of fresh flowers. A bridal bouquet of fresh flowers is more costly and delicate than their silk floral counterparts. Once the bridal bouquet of fresh flowers had been completed, there is no flexibility in making any changes in the design without bruising, and sometimes tearing the petals and stems. The damaged fresh flowers will need to be replaced, adding more expense. Silk bridal bouquets have the flexibility to be repeatedly handled and repositioned without breaking stems and petals, until the desired look is achieved. Silk flowers give the feeling of fresh blooms without the extra costs. Allergy sufferers will reap the benefits when using silk flowers in your wedding arrangements. Fresh flowers have a very limited shelf life and will not hold up long after the ceremony. A silk bridal bouquet will be a cherished keepsake that will stay crisp and fresh looking for years.

Both silk and fresh flowers experience seasons of higher pricing. Preceding the season for particular floral blooms, silk flowers and fresh flowers are more costly. Silk flowers will be considerably less expensive when purchased after the season and kept until the ceremony whereas; fresh flowers do not offer that advantage. A silk bridal bouquet and other table arrangements may be made months before the wedding date, saving hours of time during the busy days leading up to the wedding events. Florists have noted that the rose wedding flower is one of the best duplicated silk flowers on the market. Silk floral designers have spent years perfecting many of the most desirable flowers for the exact likeness of a fresh cut flower.

By Jenny Cook